Is it wrong for a Catholic to vote for Obama?

Not that I am considering it, because you couldn’t pay me to vote for him…but I know there are many Catholics who will vote for him, regardless of so many things that he stands for that go against our faith. I can’t stand seeing Obama bumper stickers in the church parking lot on Sunday and I have seen some people that I know from church in public wearing Obama shirts. I don’t understand how they can reconcile their voting decision with our faith…Is it sinful for them to vote for him?


All people have an obligation to inform their consciences regarding the moral choices they make in life. For Catholics to deliberately refuse to inform their consciences with the teachings of the Church or if they deliberately disobey the moral teaching of the Church, they can sin mortally if the choice is a serious one. But if people sincerely follow their consciences, whether their consciences are well informed or through not fault of their own they are not, they do not sin by acting on them.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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