Is it wrong for me to ask my employees to work on Sunday?


I know this question has come up but I still need clarity on my specific situation. I own an ecommerce website and we get orders 24/7. As the business has grown we have gone to full shifts 7 days a week for our warehouse staff. The schedule is made so that no one works more than 5 days a week (maybe on occasion someone might work some overtime into a 6th day but it is extremely rare). The staff rotates the weekend days, so for example if you are scheduled to work on Saturday or Sunday then you would have off Wednesday,Thursday or Friday. 5 days maximum a week. I made this schedule as flexible as possible without interfering with peoples religious rituals. On the weekend a person can come in pretty much any time as long as they complete their 8 hours. I don’t know how else we could maintain normalcy in the business without these weekend shifts. A priest had this topic for his homily and clearly stated that as long as your employer gives you time off (1 day/wk) that day is your Holy Day. Is there anything wrong with doing me doing this from a Commandment standpoint?

Thank you for your time and Peace be with you!

The following link should help answer your question about working on the Sabbath. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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