Is it wrong for me to check out rap from the library?

I want to get Kanye West’s album, Late Registration, from the library. Would that be wrong because some of the music may have a bad message? I really enjoy his music.

I think a lot of his lyrics are questionable. He’s not as bad as a lot of the other rappers, and some of his songs do have a moral message, but there’s still too much swearing.

whether you check out the album or not is irrelevent. The fact that you are attracted to dark music or entertainment is a sign of some sort regarding the condition of your soul.

It’s up to you to decide. Personally I don’t like Rap Music, but it’s a personal choice. However If you’re unsure about it, best not to do it at this stage.

The above is very good advice not only on this issue, but others.

If our conscience is telling us something that we want to do is not good for us, and our mind is arguing with our conscience, conscience is almost always right.

It is best to play it safe.

If someone was walking in the woods and found some mushrooms and thought it might be edible, but was not sure and it might be poison, what should he do?

Rap is already bad, regardless of the lyrics.

It is a relation between distubing rythems and the way God created the soul.

Disorder is always bad.

Amen! If you want peace in your soul avoid that which will bring chaos.

Your support brought me joy.

Then I looked at your screenname.

:cool: I thought you were some other “baby” like myself.

Not a teenager. :wink:

:thumbsup: I always find it funny when someone says “AMEN!”


There is an essential difference between young and old, to keep in mind when you have any dialogue with OPs. Here OP means original poster, but it can also mean old people.

I remember being a teenager. You have never been a senior citizen. It is much easier being an old guy.

I remember adolescence as one of the most difficult times in life. There are always challenges, but they change. So when I look at the things teenagers face, especially today I have nothing but compassion for them. It is a confusing time in life and the choices that are made then impact the rest of our lives and perhaps eternity.

It could be the time in life, for most people, when the pull on them between light and darkness is the strongest. The pull is always there, but teens are very vulnerable.

God bless you.

It is up to you. It depends on your reason to get the album. Is it just for the beat and music style? Music genre is irrelevant, it is how each of uses each genre in our lives. You can listen to his music and not be effected by other of you personal characteristics. You seem to be aware of what you are going to listen to so I see no problem with it.

It’s all good? No.

I am tired of pulling up to a stop light and profanity and disrespect are blaring at me from the car next to mine. This gangsta, mostly naked women, expensive cars and gun mentality is all negative. It’s not Christian. It’s not good for the soul.

Puff Daddy
P. Diddy
Did(?) coming next?
D (??)

The genre does matter.

God bless,

It’s wrong. Check out a book instead. Try some Mark Twain. In 20 years, no one will know who Kanye West was, but Mark Twain will abide.

– Mark L. Chance.

Do you really think so?

He’s done fairly well so far :smiley: I’m aware of Twain’s antipathy to organised religions and in particular the Catholic church but his portrayal of Huck’s struggle between lying and helping Jim go free or not in Huckleberry Finn was a major influence on me as a kid as Huck did the right thing if not the legally right thing.

As to rap I listen to a fair bit of rap music, some of it is sadly obsessed with going on about bitches and guns and shallow nonsense of a similar ilk but there are people with more perceptive viewpoints than that. That stuff sells best which is why it is thrust into the media spotlight so much but it’s not by any means the totality of rap music.

Twain Clemens was an iconic pop culture fugure in his own time for his wry wit and commentary. I think he became depressed and despairing at the end of his life. This may be fairly common among people who reject God.

It disturbs me that some people would say the rythms of rap music would be bad for your soul. That’s nonsense. Look at wonderful rap music such as Jerusalem by Matisyahu.

It is really difficult if not impossible for humans to understand themselves. The phenomenon of music and why we listen to it and what it does to us is in itself difficult to understand.

No other animal can hear what we hear in music. To my cat it is all just noise or sounds. The ancients who created the word music wondered about what it is. They used the word muse which means spirit, because they looked at the effect of music on people and believed that music is a conection to the spirit world. They were right. The rythms and melodies effect me and not my cat.

Why would it disturb you that some people might think that some music can be harmful to your soul? Do you think music has any effect on the soul? What does music effect? Does it effect your knee? What music disturbs or effects is your soul. It can make people happy, sad or blue, angry, erotic, and every other emotion. Army’s sing battle hymns for a reason. Music stirs us.
In black magic rituals or voodoo which is satanic they use certain rythms of the drum. What do those rythms do to souls? The music of Christian worship also effects people differently and certain people prefer that to rap for example, because their souls are in different places. The music you like is a statement on the condition of yuor soul.

Why does music not stir or disturb a dog, or a turkey? There is a soul component that is missing. They can’t hear the spiritual message in the music, but they have ears.

Do you think there are any rythms that are spiritually harmful or bad for people to get in sync with in their souls? Do you think people might be blind and not see how certain things effect them spiritually until it is too late? Do you think music can enflame certain passions? Do you think there might be such a thing as disordered passion, or sin, that might be better not enflamed? Do you think that in order to live according to God’s design for us and find holiness we have to avoid certain behaviors that human nature is inclined to engage in?

But why would it disturb you that some people might even think certain music is bad for the soul? What do you care what they think? If you want to listen to certain music and they think it is harmful why would that bother you? Do you need their approval?

What disturbs me is when I am sitting in my car or office and some nitwit pulls up next to me or outside with speakers that are like canons and they literally shake the windows and walls. He thinks he has the right to infringe on everyone else’s space.

I don’t believe in God because I expect him to make me happy - it is still possible to suffer from extreme and indeed chronic depression and be a believer in God.

Shakespeare was a popular culture figure in his time, a great majority of literary figures we now respect were at some time. I suspect you and I will tend to disagree on these issues grandfather which is fine. I just don’t subscribe to ‘jungle beats invoking primal feelings’ in rock music or rap as a particularly nuanced look at those genres.

Thats a point we can all agree on I’m sure!

However I would disagree with the implication of your post that Dogs and other animals do not have spiritual senses and do not have some sort of spirit(it is not the human spirit but they do have a Spirit), the huge diffrence would be that they do not comprehend God and therefore cannot have the open relationship humans have with God in the here and now. However If they do have spirits, they, because of the stipulation above, cannot sin(because they cannot comprehend it) and in that manner we should respect their innocence and their lack of sinful nature.

I believe this because like a lot of others im sure, I believe that “All dogs go to heaven” and they can in fact help us in an open way to stay the spiritual path with God because of their protective loving nature toward their loving owner(but when the owner lacks love toward the dog, they may in turn resent him… but to a loving owner they will always love even in times when the owner is angry or sad). As many have attestified, this protection can even, by the nature of the Dog, extend to Spiritual protection from evil. Evil don’t like dogs, and dogs dont like evil and when a dog is growling at something you can’t see, be careful because it may be a sign you are in a spiritually unsafe place. The dog may be seeing something you dont…

It’s like the story of the frog in water. In terms of spiritual things a dog(and other animals) is like a frog that is thrown into the water when it is already boiling, it senses danger and it jumps out straight away. It does not have a sinful nature and is not accustomed to committing Sin(Or evil), so when it percieves something “bad” spiritually, it doesn’t quite understand it and knows that it’s foreign/dangerous and it jumps out.

Humans on the other hand can be both the frog in the already boiling water and the frog in the water that is still heating up and decides to stay and get boiled. When we are used to spiritually good locations such as Sunday morning church we will find locations such as nightclubs and casinos to be not terribly enticing… or locations of a more negative spiritual nature such as Cemetaries in the night(but not nessecerily in the day unless we are too lonely).

However when we do not have that measuring rod which we call the Church, we are less likely to sense spiritually unsafe situations and more likely to get involved in spiritually unsafe activities. Dogs(and other animals) do not nessecerily need this measuring rod because they have the rod of Innocence to guide them, they are less likely to be “corrupted” and it is never of their own fault it is always the fault of their owner.

God gave us Dogs for love and protection and even allowed them to share the letters of his name in English…

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