Is it wrong for me to like this music video?

It’s “Judas” by Lady Gaga.

You can see it here:

First of all, I know I have the right to like what I want to like. But I know some are upset with this song–especially its music video–because they consider it to be offensive and sacrilegious.

However, I really like both the song and the music video. I consider the video to be really artsy. Some religious people do not like Lady Gaga, and I understand why.

I’m eighteen and consider myself to be well educated in the faith.
I’m interested in some of your thoughts!

It’s sacrilege, pure and simple. It’s offensive and disgraceful. It may be “artsy” or whatever but that is completely overshadowed by the fact that it is gravely offensive to our faith. How can we in good conscience support such material?

Rarely are things pure and simple, but okay, thanks for the comments.

Perhaps it’s best to avoid things that blatant. If not for your sake then for the sake of other who might be influenced by you.

Like whatever you want. She’s just trying to be different. You’ll see that it’s pretty stupid someday, not because it’s sacrilegious…just because it’s dumb haha.:smiley:

Things are always pure and simple;)

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