Is it wrong not to take a baptized infant to mass?

I have a 6-month-old baby who isn’t absolutely terrible in church, but does need to be taken into the narthex (we don’t have a cry room) for most of mass. My husband and I will be visiting relatives soon and they could possibly watch her while we go to mass and then we’d watch her while they go. Their church does have a cry room, but honestly it would be easier for us if we could just let our relatives watch her (I know what’s easiest isn’t always what’s right, though). My husband and I want to live up to the promises we made when our daughter was baptized, and I don’t know if we would be if we didn’t take her to mass with us.

Since our infant daughter has been baptized, is it a sin if we don’t take her to mass?

Canon Law generally recognizes that Church obligations begin at age 7:

Can. 11 Merely ecclesiastical laws bind those who have been baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it, possess the efficient use of reason, and, unless the law expressly provides otherwise, have completed seven years of age.

As for what the Church has said about parents bringing their children to Mass let us look at the Directory for Masses With Children:

  1. …By reason of the duty in conscience freely accepted at the baptism of their children, parents are bound to teach them gradually how to pray. This they do by praying with them each day and by introducing them to prayers said privately. If children, prepared in this way even from their early years, take part in the Mass with their family when they wish, they will easily begin to sing and to pray in the liturgical community and indeed will already have some initial idea of the eucharistic mystery.

Notice the only obligation on the parents is “teach them gradually.” Its up to the parents to make the prudential decision of when it would be beneficial to being bringing the child to Mass on a weekly basis.

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