Is it wrong or sinfull to give to a non-Catholic church?

My nephew, now age 25, was raised Catholic until about age 6. Two years ago he started his own protestant type church. He wants to expand and is asking me for money. I love the kid but have a problem donating to his church. My wife thinks it’s fine. Can someone settle this disagreement?

Well, it can’t be wrong, in principle, because in our diocese, the Bishop has donated the CSA money to the Salvation Army.

But, in your case, this is my opinion: don’t do it. The church should stand on its own. It’s too much to ask of you to finance this “church.”

My cousin’s husband has a “ministry” which is loosely like a church. He is financed well enough to have a home and to go on a couple “missionary” trips to Europe, which he has done for something like 25 years.

I would not support the expansion of a schismatic community. I would consider this to be sinful.

He isn’t asking money for his survival, but for his activity in direct opposition with the Church, for which he is under excommunication. Out of charity, it would perhaps be proper to not only not provide any financial support, but to point out that this is not in accordance with the apostolic spirit and contradicts that which the Church Fathers taught about the growth and development of Christianity. You can read some more on what I mean here.

I think that in this context it would be sinful. He wants you to contribute to a schismatic community, AND he is Catholic.

I would most certainly not do it and would explain to him why. Please pray for him and his return to the church.

I agree with this post.

Would be sinful. And he is living in sin.
What’s the name of his new “church”. Maybe he can name it " the 3rd congregational ministry of god church of (insert street name)

No it is never a sin to support the worship the lord whether your catholic or protestant

I think that donating to the Salvation Army is different than donating to a protestant church to help it run. The Salvation Army is using their money towards helping the less fortunate, so that seems more allowable.

It would be one thing if he was asking for funds to build a soup kitchen or to help clothe the poor. That would be a work of Christian charity that we can share with out separated brethren. But in this case we are talking about financing the expansion of something that specifically draws people away from the one true Church. I don’t think any Catholic should fund something that leads people away from the faith as entrusted to the apostles and their successors.

Yes, I agree…the way the charity or church will use the money is very relevant. I’m always willing to give to the Salvos because they do such great work with the most needy. Their missionary approach is to help the poor, which is in line with Catholic teahcing. They are also a great advocate for the needy. On the other hand, the missionary approach of many protestant churches is to teach doctrine that is heretical, so a Catholic should not be supporting this.

It might not be a sin according to your ecclesial community but it is a sin according to the Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ Himself. One should never contribute to the spreading of false doctrine.

I feel ambivalent about this as well. I purchase freeze-dried meals from Mormon-connected businesses to hedge against interruptions in my service-connected disability compensation. They often passively solicit for Mormon-run charities to feed the hungry around the world via links on their website. I also think the Mormons seem to do a lot of good charity work here at home.

But at the same time, I worry that if I donate to them, then there is a chance they would use the money to proselytize their faith simply by being the people who are helping the hungry and impoverished.

I give to Catholic social services and to my parish, and hope that the money I donate to them will be used to do the same thing, and instead be an authentic Catholic faith reaching out to those people.

Still, this concern is hardly the greatest of concerns. I worry more about money I donate to an organization used to fund an intrinsically evil act, or to promote that act. For example, I don’t purchase Girl Scout cookies anymore because of their connection to an international organization which is connected to the abortion industry. That kind of donation, in my humble opinion, is far more pernicious and destructive than the risk of a non-Catholic converting somebody to their Protestant faith.

No, Catholics should not contribute financially to a schismatic church, certainly not one run by an ex-Catholic. Some protestant churches have the best of intentions, but they do not have the fullness of truth. Support the Church Christ founded.

No, Catholics should not support The Salvation Army financially. It is a protestant church with anti-sacramental teachings very much opposed to the Catholic Church. I have recently become aware of very serious corruption in some branches of The Salvation Army. If you want to support some TSA program, say a soup kitchen or toy drive, give food or toys or volunteer your time, but never give cash. You have no control and no idea how it is diverted.

It’s true that the Salvos teach things that are not in line with the Catholic faith, but their missionary work is generally directly related to helping the poor according to their needs, not in converting people to their church. They also have a (self-reported) high ratio of money raised going directly to their programs. And, as mentioned, they are wonderful advocates for the poor. I wish more Christians, and yes Catholics, were so focussed in their sense of charity and mission.

I generally support other charities, but will always drop some money in the box when I pass the Salvos.

I respect that others feel differently on this issue and I have no problem with them choosing to support charities they see as more worthy of support.

Agreed. :thumbsup:

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