Is it wrong that I listen to this music?

All this is enough to get me listening to heavy metal. :stuck_out_tongue:


At least metal is better than rap,almost every rap song is about weapons,bling bling,the hood and other stuff.

And it seems nowadays whenever you go to a mall you see wannabe gangstas,both white and black.

I doubt you’re going to even read this but in case anybody else does, please know that your logic can easily be used by the likes of Jack Chick against the Catholic Church. Obviously the likes of him spend just as much time nit-picking, inventing, and overstating. If any apologists were to point that out, the likes of Chick would automatically say what you say. Just replace rock music with the Catholic Church. You declare their sources religiously biased? Guess what, they’re going to call you biased.

Unfortunately for you and all other religious haters of rock, calling a rocker biased for calling a source religiously biased is sound reasoning. The rocker actually knows what he/she is talking about. The fanatical religious does not care much for truth as much as he/she cares about propaganda. Again, the same with the Catholic Church. A Catholic can call a source biased because he/she knows Catholicism. A fundamentalist only cares about attacking and does not care to check the validity (be it by proof or logic) of such attacks.

Trust me when I say that once you start using foreign songs in a debate with Portrait, he’s going to start ignoring you. :wink: What can I say? Most, if not all, his laughable tirades against modern music is centered around the English-speaking West. Once you take those out of the picture and replace them with songs from a different language, all his arguments crumble.

I personally don’t think that rap itself is bad.
I personally don’t think hip-hop culture itself is bad.

I personally DO think that gangstas (wannabe or not) are trash.
(And believe me, I’m being polite when I say that.)

So if I say most J-Pop songs used as anime themes are harmless fluff about yearning, striving, and teenage love—Portrait will ignore me? :smiley:

Yep. Definitely. (I personally avoid songs like that at the moment because I’m working on fantasy, not slice-of-life TwT).

It’s also proof that music can be interpreted in different ways. Arguments like that drive him into the corner religious anti-rockers are all doomed to get themselves into. Some people ignore the lyrics, some don’t. Other people give it an associative meaning (like me).

You could watch a music video of a band playing their song in the snow and start thinking fun snow stuff whenever you hear it. On the other hand, I could hear the same song and start thinking of adventures filled with friendship, magic, and the joys of being in one of the most awesome wizarding guilds in all of Fiore.

In the end, trying to make music as if it contains the same essence as morality is ultimately futile.

Portrait would approve of the Zelda music. It’s simply beautiful.

What does this mean? Maybe I’m tired, but I can’t quite ‘get it.’ :confused:

Morality is not the same as music. There is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ sequence of sounds or even a single sound. It all boils down to matters of taste and taste very much relative.

People like Portrait insist otherwise. :rolleyes:

OK, I think I understand. But I also think that lyrics (not music—musical notes can’t really convey such info) can indeed promote evil.

I’m sure there must be songs that do. Made-up example: “Hi, we’re the Hammerheads and we want you to kill your parents and worship Satan!”


But I can’t comment on songs that I haven’t heard.

Absolutely. But some people have a very hard time differentiating one from the other and will completely condemn all of one genre because the first example they heard of it was “bad”. In other words… someone like Portrait hears Slayer… and the lyrics do contain quite a bit of anti-Christian themes. Then he hears a similar sounding band… like War of Ages… heavy metal and awesome (drummer isn’t as good as Dave Lombardo but I’m biased) but their lyrics are blatantly Christian. Despite this Portrait and a few others on this forum would argue that it’s “unwholesome” because of the sound itself. When presented with some of the actual lyrics and asked how they can say that there is of course NO logical response (examle below from War of Ages “Broken Before You”)

Give me the strength to stand apart from all my fears
And stay true to all that I hold deep inside my heart
Hide me undernearth your wings
You are the shelter we all need
With every breath I take You are there stand aside free me
You have bled for me now I bleed for You
With all my emptiness that I held I will never be the same
Put me to rest and renew my soul
We clench our fists and bare our arms
Only to cry out in Your presence
oh God to all who try to end my life
I stand firm and now I’ve been set free saved by Him
Whom I call king
Through Him I will always remain the same
I will always remain the same
You can’t break me

Now… if you ask me… that was obviously written by a Christian… but apparently the loud crunching guitars and powerful drums make it bad… :rolleyes:

Seems obvious to me!

Liking the metal style (or any other style) seems indeed to be a personal matter.

Don’t condemn me for liking bluegrass! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do my best to avoid passing judgment :stuck_out_tongue:

I love bluegrass! Especially gospel bluegrass. I don’t care much for “newgrass,” I prefer the old-school stuff.

Perhaps but then again, such songs are not even commonplace. Also, that’s still not stopping anybody from either a) pulling out the lyrics or b) allow something else to influence their understanding of them. I can’t count how many times I’ve thought of making my own rendition of villainous songs such In the Dark of the Night, Friends on the Other Side, and Hellfire. :cool:

Even more so, no matter how anyone (be it you, Portrait, or anybody else) would find they lyrics criminal, I will never change them when I proudly sing this song. :cool:



Ain’t that what you call them Southern hill-billy music? o_O feels his captain’s hat shot off

Don’t shoot!! T-T hides

(^Proof of music being a matter of taste.^)

Here’s a bluegrass fave:

It’s a Holy Ghost Buildin’.

LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much. Love that rhinestone-trimmed suit too. Monroe sure could get those high notes, couldn’t he???


Nice for Pentecost Sunday! Hallelujah!

Here’s one for you!

My Last Days on Earth

I wonder if Portrait would say Bill Monroe’s music is sinful. :rolleyes::smiley:

Sweeeeeet… thanks for the link. I’m going to leave the page up and browse his music a bit.


Dearly beloved freinds,

Cordial greetings and a very good day,

Since I have previously debated this topic on numerous occasions, and at great length, this will be final posting on this thread. Nowadays, I only become involved in such discussions in response to an OP seeking advice and guidance. If I can steer a man away from such a morally depraved and potentially harmful influence, then I think that I will have done God and our most holy Faith a great service.

That rock and pop music does not meet with the forththright condemnation that it so rightly warrants, is a sad reflection upon the plight of contemporary Catholicism and its Laodicean lukewarmness, which now seemingly abounds everywhere. However, what is particularly lamentable and quite deplorable is the warm acceptance and impassioned defence of this debased sensory material by neo-Catholic orthodoxy. Alas, neo-Catholic orthodoxy has adopted, for the most part, a hand in hand with the world type of religious practice that allows men to cling on to a “few of their favourite things” and seldom, if ever, speaks the language of self-denial and sanctity and separation from the godless world. Their reason for this that in their misguided and warped thinking they sincerely believe that such ‘prissy Puritanism’ will present a hindrance to the already difficult task of evangelistic outreach and thus seriously damage the Church’s credibility in the eyes of the world. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth because the Church has always impacted the world and made its mark when it has been most unlike the world, as history repeatedly attests. It is a flabby accommodation with the world and its corrupting pleasures, such as rock/pop music, that is really harming our Church’s reputation,because it is not daring to be different by the offering of a vibrant Christian counter-culture.

The fundamental problem with neo-Catholic orthodoxy is that whilst it adheres earnestly to the depositum fidei and will fight tooth and nail for the essential moral and doctrinal propositions, if something is not an article of faith, then it is deemed to be merely a matter of prudential judgement, even if that judgement is a catastrophic error. This is hardly consonant with the spirit of traditional Catholic thinking with its emphasis upon the avoidance of anthything that would impede the pursuit of holiness or which could be the occasion of sin.

Dear friends, the wide and enthusiastic acceptance of rock/pop by some neo-Catholics is a consequence of the trail blazed by Vatican II. Rock/pop music is the hallmark of the Novusordo whilst classical and sacred music are hallmarks of traditional Catholicism. Incidently, the Novus Ordo is not merely a Mass, it is actually very much a mindset also. Today our lot is cast in a world in which the Novus Ordo is very much ‘at home’ and comfortable. Now surely our objective is to “turn the world upside down” (or, in this instance, the right side up) so that the Novus Ordo is exposed for what it is, namely a shameful ‘Catholicism Lite’. To effectively achieve this means, among many other things, abstaining from the NorvusOrdo ‘accessories’, so to speak, such as rock/pop music; rock/pop music is very much at home with the Novus Ordo, because the Novus Ordo is very much at home with the world of rock and pop music.

If we are striving to keep ourselves “unstained from the world” (Jam. 1: 27), then we must discard the distracting and demoralizing unfluence of unwholesome rock/pop. This undeniably disordered music, which has been cogently demonstrated to be such many times on these boards, only serves to provide a thorough catechesis in worldly and immoral thinking. Distracting, demoralizing and disordered, alliterates very nicely all that is gravely amiss with rock and pop music.

God bless you all and farewell for now.

Warmest good wishes,



Didn’t you say your OTHER post would be your last post?

Oh, well—time to go listen to some thrash metal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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