Is it wrong to assume you've sinned?

I do this constantly, but is it wrong or a sin? I know I have scruples, and need to seek help, but is it wrong for me to assume that i’ve sinned? For example, I go to confessions every Saturday, and I make time before confession to make list of all of my sins, and sometimes or most of the time, I will just add things to confess. Like I say " oh i’ve probably judged people, been prideful, arrogant, lazy, had bad/impure thoughts" and I really am not sure if ive done those things, but then I don’t wanna be arrogant/prideful and say “nope I haven’t done those things.” Is this wrong?

Perhaps you have a similar problem as when I was a boy,
We went to confession either weekly or fortnightly , can’t really recall,
I would make up sins,just so I had something to say,
What evil deeds could a boy do ?
Perhaps if you go monthly, then that could be more suitable for You ,

It’s a tad presumptuous. What is the point of confessing sins that we might not have even committed?

We are only bound to confess mortal sins. If we confess venial sins, we should be brief. Making a list of such sins (or even mortal sins) is unnecessary, and possibly harmful.

“If you think it more likely that you consented to sin, say so; if you think it less likely, say so — and don’t waste a lot of time about it.
If you are doubtful about a sin, do not spend much time trying to solve the doubt, because the longer you analyse yourself, the more confused you will become, and you may even renew the temptation.”

  • Fr. Alfred Wilson (taken from ‘Pardon and Peace’)

So you know where I’m coming from, I confess every two weeks (and as soon as I can following mortal sin [1-2 days at most]) and am under the guidance of a spiritual director. I do not suffer from scruples, and I’m sorry that you do. Please be assured of my prayers.

It would be strange to confess sins one might not even have committed. This is where proper, meticulous examination of conscience plays an important role, to help penitents discern what needs to be confessed.

Because I examine my conscience prior to each confession, I know I have enough real sins to confess—real actions and/or omissions that I really did or did not do—that I don’t need to add doubtful or non-existent ones. Anything venial that I might have forgotten is covered by the “I accuse myself as well of all the sins that I may have forgotten” part of my confession, cited after I’ve listed the sins I did remember.

Mortal sin is a different issue, as those must all be mentioned in number and kind.

Since you are scrupulous, my advice is to seek guidance from a priest. God bless!

This isn’t a matter of right and wrong, but one of mental heath and compulsion.

You need to be under the care of a competent spiritual director who will help you.

This is unhealthy. Scruples are a terrible spiritual illness and you need to seek help for it.

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