Is it wrong to be attracted to a priest? is it against chastity and purity?

I like priests. As a woman, I’d also like to become one if I were a boy. However, there’s one time I was listening to a short catechetical video of a young priest and suddenly I found myself looking at him than listening to his teaching. I mean I’m attracted to him. I rewatched the video several times and I could’nt really listen–I’m really attracted to the young priest. It kind of blown me because I have priest friends. I really respect them and never look at them in such a way. I keep watching catechetical videos of priests online and this is the first time that it happened to me.

Have I committed impurity and unchastity against this priest? or am I just attracted to a beautiful soul?

Not sure, just be careful.


The Church teaches that temptations cannot be sin. I’m not sure this even qualifies as that, let alone sin. I don’t see how this attraction as you describe is considered sinful.

I’d say it’s what you do with those feelings that matters.

As such, you need to keep these kinds of things in perspective.

That’s why all priests should be old. :stuck_out_tongue: All seriousness aside, don’t look at “Calendario Romano!”

Wow I just googled it! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for OP, umm perhaps don’t indulge into such thoughts, and you will be fine.

Anyway, I remember watching the movie “Stigmata” back then and found the actor who became the priest is gorgeous & I think I attracted to him. And I thought are all priests that gorgeous? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m embarrassed…

It was a movie. Casting will not put in an ugly actor!

No sin in being a woman. God gave women the natural sexual appreciation of men and vice versa. As long as you don’t flirt with a priest as so many young girls do, as it is playing with forbidden fruit, you have done nothing wrong. As a man who has had to deal with many women who have the same problem with me, I can assure you that any handsome hunk of a man who is happily married can attest, such feeling rise in many women’s hearts.
Suppress any illicit thought or action, but mere attraction is not illicit.

It is a sin if you don’t make a voluntary effort after you first become aware of it to dismiss it from your intellect, memory, and will.

A priest is a married man, you know, a man under vows to God. He’s already married, to the church.

We’re not allowed to mention fallen priests, I don’t think here, but how truly horrible and sad, it is, when a good priest, vowed to celibacy, breaks that sacred vow.

What unfathomable scandal and harm it does in the eyes and to the souls of the faithful.

So yeah, nip it in the bud at the first sign.

God Bless You.

You cannot necessarily who you are initially attracted to; just realize that such attraction has nowhere to go and move on.

Natural attraction can be tricky, you have it with a priest,
Which in a sense is no different to a natural attraction to a work colleague ,
Friend , wife / husband of a relative or friend, you really need to be careful,
Broaden you base of friends is what I suggest, because extreme embarrassment can come to you if your attraction is found out , just stay at a bit further than arms length ,

:blushing:i think it is normal but think the greater good they do for other humans: they decided to give their entire life to serve God and His people. :smiley:
Fight baby fight temptation, check out Saint Francis of Assisi. :wink:

Yes, our priests are awesome :thumbsup:I think It’s normal to feel that way:blushing:

“Ladies never cast their hats towards Rome!”

I don’t think you can be blames for the attraction; there is something very beautiful about a man sacrificing marriage and children for service to God and his parish. That said; be very vigilant! Guard your eyes and your tongue and be modest in thought, word and deed.

Your admiration for this man could draw you nearer to God, or further from Him; choose wisely and act with caution!

I’m a little jealous actually; all my priests are darling old men. My very favourite; Fr. Paul; is in his 80’s and celebrates Mass with the visible joy and excitement of a newly-minted priest! He’s the sweetest man alive and I hope one day to glow with holy joy as he does. :slight_smile:

These are not matters to be given thought or even discussed much - they are contrary to God and dwelling on them only leads one down the wrong path. The thing is, that God has chosen many good looking people to lead and be significant in His church - and this is His will. Appreciate what He has done and give thanks and praise to God! A beautiful face is a reflection of God. I think St Padre Pio was good looking when he was young. How powerful God is, that he can take anyone.

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