Is it wrong to be curious and a bit slighted?


I am amazed at why people who never practice any catholic living or attend mass all through the year and then wont eat meat on Good Friday? I dont understand.
I’m curious is all.
Then there is the supermarket that goes crazy with fish sales for Good Friday. This day is not the only day for fasting from meat. If I am right its also Ash Wednesday and all fridays of Lent as well.


LOL! It's the same with people who only go to church twice a year, Christmas and Easter! :rotfl:


Well every Friday is a day of fasting from meats. I bet you didn't know that. The Vatican lets the local Congregation of Bishops decide if they would like to substitute.

The United States Catholic Congregation of Bishops elected to substitute that requirement to be recomended, but one could substitute it for:
-making an act of faith and praying for the holy father
-a rosary
-a chaplet
-works of mercy (not sure on this one)

After Vatican II it didn't become known, but priests in my diocese are trying to spread the word.

tottally didn't have anything to do with the originial post but haha


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