Is it wrong to buy anything by Corpanies that

Is it wrong to buy anything by Corpanies that produce too things with marks anti-catholic and marks that disrespect Christ even the product don’t have nothing of that?

Perhaps you can be more specific and tell us which company you are thinking about?

I’ve struggled with similar problems regarding Google. They are very pro-gay rights and marriage, so I often want to delete all of my Google stuff (gmail, G+ etc).

But on the other hand, unless the company is specifically anti-Catholic or anti-Christian, then I can’t fault others for using their services. If we really looked, I think that we would find something about every company that goes against Catholic teaching, even Catholic owned companies IMHO.

Really the company isn’t specific anti-catholic but make t-shirt with evil marks. And it’s all.

In other case, and How about most of the american companies that support the abortion?
Do it have a list of that?

I struggle with this question myself. I don’t know official Church teaching on it. Until that time, I tend to view it as such: it is not a sin to go about our lives. It would be wrong to provide support for them, but service paid for service rendered, I do not think so.

I’m open to correction, here.

I have found that it is nearly impossible to avoid companies that support some anti catholic organization. There is a list published by HLI showing which companies donate to planned parenthood.

This list is extensive and very helpful.

Remember a boycott is more effective if you write to the company and tell them why you are not supporting them. Otherwise they’ll never know that their donations are costing them business.

I don’t think the church has an official position on this and that’s probably because, like I said, it is difficult or impossible to avoid every company with questionable values. I do what I am able to do.

Finally Can I buy products of those companies without sin?

Is it wrong to fill your car with gasoline that came from anti-Catholic Saudi Arabia? People are entitled to their views. :slight_smile:

This link is for a $19.00 book…is there any list that you know of that is free? I will google it but I was just wondering if you knew…
Thanks for the post :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not…a lot of research goes into these books so I’m sure they ask for payment for their time. However look around on their site - they used to have a package deal that made the lists cheaper, so if you know others who want one that might be a good option for you.

You know, it couldn’t hurt to give them a call. They might be able to help you if you are in a financial bind but want to have a copy of the list.

I struggle with this myself. I work for a company this is very pro LGBT. I have made peace with it and consider it my opportunity to preach the gospel through my work, but it makes it difficult sometimes.

I don’t know of any church teaching stating that it is a sin to buy those products. However, consider your intent.

If you are buying a product because you want to support the company and have a portion of your money go towards Planned Parenthood, then yes. That would be sinful because you are purposefully supporting the abortion industry.

If you are buying a product DESPITE their ties because there is no alternative, or because you are not aware of those ties, you are not sinning.

However I would suggest that you consult a priest for clarity because I am not a priest, nor am I an apologist. The above is what I have been taught.

I think you will find it is nearly impossible if not completely impossible to ensure that you don’t, in some way, support a company that, in some fashion, can be tied to something that is against Catholic morality. I don’t think we could even pay our taxes if that were the case.

I think the same goes for the places where we work. I think most people would probably have to quit their job if they followed the money to some remote support of something against Catholic morality. Although, that’s probably another thread.

We just have to use our best judgment. That’s all we can do.

I think it is important to make a good choice (not buy from anti catholic/anti christian companies) when we actually have a choice. Some situations we have no other options. like gas :wink: Much of what people are buying is actually totally optional when it comes to these companies but not everything is…

Can I cite companies in posts?

If you have a choice between a company that promotes evil through some of there products and a company that does not promote evil, all things being equal choose the one that does not. For example, I order pamphlets and informational material for our church. One company produces pamphlets on Scripture, sacraments and other religious topics and the company has another division that produces educational materials include sex ed pamphlets that promote practices that are not the teaching of the church. I have decided to not buy pamphlets and other information materials from this company. I buy from companies that produce only Catholic materials.

But if I but of the other comapany …
am I sinning?

I found that

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I wonder if we could start a thread that listed companies that use less than moral tactics/supplies etc. to make/promote or test their products? Would that be against forum rules to list such companies since the information is freely available? A bit off topic of the thread but just wondering…

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