Is it Wrong to buy Music from a "immoral" artist?

I heard this song that I really liked and I then I was surprised when I found out who the artist was.

This artist has done some things that are scandalous.

I like that song, but I’m thinking that perhaps I should not buy the song from an artists doing scandalous things.

Depends on the level of scandal. I’m a metal head, but I don’t buy some bands because they are proponents of things I find repulisve.

But for the most part, we can’t pick and choose the morality of our favorite artists. I like some painters, novelists, and musicians that might portray some questionable things in their works, and their personal lives are rough-but they produce great art.

It’s a matter of taste and extremes. One is to deny yourself of any aesthetic pleasure. The other is to take a bath in filth. Both are unhealthy.

It is wrong, because by buying it, the money goes to him. Then, he will probably use that money to do more scandalous things. Now, just think… you wouldn’t want your money to go to waste, so I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.

Support the things you love. If you like an artist, then give them money.

Well today most artists for popular music tend to be immoral (seen by their public actions)
I think its alright, but maybe you should ask a priest to make sure. Good Luck


It kinda depends on the scandal. Much of the music we all have at home are by artists whom have either cheated, lied, fornicated, supported abortion, gay, etc. I don’t think purchasing a cd from Elton John (gay) or Vince Gill (unfaithful) is sinful. Not knowing of whom you are speaking it is difficult to ascertain whether it would be immoral to purchase their music. The main way to listen to music we enjoy is to purchase it. I don’t equate that as “supporting” their extracurricular activities or immoral lifestyle/beliefs. On the other hand, if they are blasphemous or blatantly shoving immoral ideas on others then that is entirely different and I would not give them the time of day nor my money.

We are to immitate Christ to the best of our ability. Try something new…shun things that might not make Him happy. : )

Oh, and to our atheist friend above…

There were many things that were supported by people out of “love” for them. Many have and will perish as a result. Let’s be a little more thought provoking when lending advice. Satan LOVES leading us away from Our Lord and Savior!

I think that as long as the song itself doesn’t cause a near occasion of sin you should be fine. A lot of “scandalous” behavior that we hear about is just made up nonsense, gossip. If it truly troubles you then say a prayer for that artist each time you play the song.

Also “has done” is past tense. Do we know where the artist stands now in his faith walk if any? I once got into a discussion about John Mayer and I compared him to Prince, before Prince came to believe in God.

Probably not.

I feel like I say this all the time (:o), but I’m not sure why we hold musicians and purveyors of popular media to a higher standard of morality than anyone else. If you found out that the owner of your favorite brand of toothpaste told a lie to his fifth grade teacher, would you switch brands because you don’t want to financially support his lies?

Let’s look at more pertinent real-life example: Is it immoral to buy “The Passion of the Christ” on DVD because money would go to Mel Gibson, who left his wife and had a baby with his mistress?

We could get into a long discussion on moral theology and the distinction between all the types of “cooperation with evil.” But, suffice it to say, the Church does not mandate that we refrain from buying products sold by unrepentant sinners, so long as the product itself is not an object of sin.

All that said, if you don’t feel comfortable buying it, then don’t buy it.

I don’t know - haven’t we all done some questionable things in our lives? Just because a celebrity’s every move gets published on the web doesn’t make them any worse sinners than the rest of us…

Yeah, I guess what I’m afraid is that if by buying their music it feels like I’m saying “I don’t care what you do” or I support it or like his/her theatrics are actually working in getting my attention or something.

I guess I’ll have to think about it more, maybe in the meantime I’ll grow tired of the song. Still a dilemma for me, but I know what everyone here is saying.

I just wanted to get the viewpoints of some fellow Catholics. Thank you.

So who is the artist?

How would you feel about writing them a letter(fan mail) and letting them know that you DO care what they do, not because it affects you badly, but because it hurts THEM?

I know that many stars get thousands of letters, so they don’t read them. But that’s not your worry. At least you can try to talk to them, and pray that God will get the letter to them.

So many “stars” live in an environment where they never, ever hear the Gospel. My daughter can attest to that. She’s not a star, but she works with “stars.” They are just as much living in a pagan land as are many of the people in countries outside of the U.S. They’re surrounded with cults and wacko “spirituality groups” and gurus and drugs and alcohol and sin, sin, blatant sin and hundreds of other stars and directors and producers all claiming to know the ultimate spirituality methods. Church is almost an impossibility for stars who are on the road or on a set. And the star has to be so careful not to get on the bad side of someone “bigger” than they are and end up blacklisted. In attempting to show tolerance and open-mindedness, they often get caught up in some bad stuff.

So perhaps your letter, written in a kind and caring style, would be a lifeline for your star.

This question, or one similar, has come up with regard to actors and movies. I use to work in a movie theater and can assure you that every ticket sold for a particular movie was a vote for more of the same, including the actors. I would bet the same applies to music, and what passes for music these days.

However, here is a thought: there is an advantage you have with music that is not available with movies. When a song is popular, it is usually played on the radio, and you can listen to it then for free. When it becomes less popular, the stations drop it after a while, and by then you are probably tired of hearing it too. Your only connection to the artist then is through your patronizing the station’s sponsors.

Hello BlueRain, I was always wondering about what we listen to or watch as christians, and let me tell you… there is much more behind all that. There is a sermon that I saw on youtube that was just so clear and eye opening regarding music and other areas of entertaintment, so check it out, the title is Escape from the Black Hole, from pastor Ivor Myers… he actually used to be a rapper, amazing testimony.

Have a good day

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