Is it wrong to communicate online with an ex-boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend befriended me on Facebook. He sends me email messages here and there. And I will message him back. I haven’t told my husband about the emails. The emails are innocent. If nothing suggestive is going on, is it still wrong to communicate with him? I do enjoy getting the emails from him as I like getting emails, but I wonder if this is being inappropriate. Please advise me as I don’t feel like I can really ask anyone about this.

The person you need to be asking about this is your husband. If the emails are entirely innocent, and your relationship with your husband is healthy, then doing so shouldn’t be a problem. If he is comfortable with you remaining online platonic friends with this person, then there isn’t a problem (although, if your husband agrees to the friendship, you really should stop referring to your “ex” as an “ex-boyfriend” and start calling him a “friend”). I have to say though that such online platonic friendships with former romantic interests have often proved dangerous to marital chastity. Personally, I don’t think it is a prudent idea to be pen pals with a former flame.

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