Is it wrong to cross-dress?

I’m a guy, and I sometimes wear plain linen (e.g. toga, malong, dhoti, etc.) in my room, especially when I am cleaning. That I know is fine because it is more of a culture thing than a gender thing. But because there is a huge mirror in my room, I sometimes can’t help but look at myself and “model” in my own clothes, or dance around, look for other ways to wear the linen, etc. I confess that I sometimes I feel like a little girl when I do it, but it is unintentional. Whether or not it is cross dressing, I don’t know. I know it can sometimes be weird, but is there a sin in that act, or is it just weird? Do I need to tell this to a priest when I go to confession? Please be brief and concise, and do not judge me.

Or am I just being over-scrupulous?

I guess?

I think it highly depends on the reason you crossdress. Is it because you feel more comfortable? (I, for example, know that skirts are far more comfy than pants) Because you feel good in those clothes?

I mean, take me for example. My parents left me home alone, and I decided to wear one of my old cosplays (a japanese hakama and gi) while cleaning the house. I did that because… it was fun! I looked good in those clothes, and if people didn’t look at me as if I was some sort of weirdo, I’d probably wear them more often.

For all of my childhood I didn’t like to use skirts and dresses (for fear of the wind blowing them up, because it made me look too girly, because pants were more practical), and our culture said nothing of me wearing shorts and pants, so that’s what I did. You, now, are doing the same for the same reasons, except that our culture frowns at it.

Is it weird? Nah. It’s normal, there are clothing we like more than others.

Now, if you are having identity crisis, that’s another problem to solve. But dressing for the sake of dressing is not a sin.

Oooh, another example that I think some girls will relate!

I used to gather my hair around my face, and see how I would look like with a moustache.

I’d spend hours trying different “moustaches”, by myself or with my cousins. Last time I did this was almost 1 year ago, when my hair was long enough for a full beard to go with it. I’m currently 26yo.

So far I haven’t confessed this to any Priest. Didn’t sound like a serious offense. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: when in doubt, talk to your confessor. He’ll clear up any doubts :thumbsup:

I don’t think you did anything wrong. It sounds to me you were just being silly, not serious. There’s quite a difference. A man can strike a girlish pose to make anyone, even himself, laugh. I’ll bet even Jesus would laugh a little;)

As far as I can see, the garments you’ve mentioned are for males.

Cross dressing means specifically the wearing by a person of one gender of clothing (or other items - shoes, jewelry etc) associated with the other. So what you are doing would appear not to be cross dressing.

Cross dressing is condemned in the Bible.

Most people (at least when young) have occasional idle thoughts about what it would be like to be the other gender. Some go further and occasionally wear the clothing, for example to a costume party or in a theatrical performance. I don’t see that as being wrong.

To do so regularly, however, is in effect disrespecting the bodies (and genders) that God gave us. Hence its condemnation.

Joan of Arc, a Catholic saint, was burned at the stake for cross-dressing, which was a travesty of justice. People who cite the Old Testament on this matter should really consider the fact that we don’t obey a lot of the things of the Old Testament. Was Peter himself not corrected for trying to force Jewish law onto the Gentiles?

I agree.

I believe St. Joan of Arc may have been accused of Cross Dressing and burned at the stake, but I highly doubt whether those charges had merit to them. :wink:

I also believe it a grave injustice to burn someone at the stake for such a thing even if true.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading

No, she cross-dressed. She admits it in the inquisition logs, which are published in English translation. Originally, she refused to speak about why she cross-dressed. Then claimed it was on divine authority. After that, the inquisitors had her admit that it was a lie and swear an oath to never consort with the devil again, etc. At last, she put on men’s clothing again and denounced the clerical authorities for refusing her communion. So they handed her over to the secular authorities and she was burned at the stake as a relapsed heretic. Why was she considered a relapsed heretic? Because she put on men’s clothing.

I believe she was called to fight and I believe for a woman to wear armor and wield a sword is not cross dressing and certainly not the kind of cross dressing that the bible speaks against anyway.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading

No, she wore men’s clothing with and without armor. It’s pretty well detailed. She obviously just liked men’s clothing more.

Man you just sound like a fun guy to be with. I really like the image that comes to my mind of a guy being carefree like that. I totally envy you having this freedom. I think it’s pretty cool really.

Take care man. You’ve got a good heart. Don’t ever change. :thumbsup:


As for you. I wish I knew you better. Totally awesome. I’d love to see you in that. You sound like a lot of fun too. Why couldn’t I have had you as my buddy? You would have made things interesting for sure. You’ve got to post a picture of that now. :smiley:

Peace Novus.


No, she probably didn’t wear mens clothing simply because she liked it - there is no record of her wearing it before her soldiering career began, for example.

Think about how rough life in a medieval army would have been even when you weren’t actually fighting - travelling, hauling weapons, building camps. Skirts were less practical.

Then therr is.the issue of the fact that soldiers were not known for delicate or courteous treatment of females, especially female prisoners. The less she reminded enemy soldiers or.guards that she was a woman, the less likely that she would be a target for rape.

It was more a protective (and practical) thing than something she did for kicks or pleasure.

This doesn’t make sense at all. She wore men’s clothes before even meeting the Dauphin. Furthermore, a French soldier testified that he saw her naked when prepping her armor for battle. He was not aroused, which he considered a miracle. The only time she fears rape is during her captivity and that’s the argument she takes in order to keep wearing men’s clothes. This rational clearly does not and cannot apply to beforehand, when she was nothing more than a peasant girl. Additionally, she asked her captors if she could attend mass at a church with men’s clothing. I’ve never heard of someone getting raped during a mass. For sure, she used men’s clothing during her captivity to protect herself from rape, but considering the other factors she moreover simply preferred men’s clothing for their own sake.

Probably because of the risk of being burned at a stake?

I mean, when she did cross-dress she also had to mingle among male soldiers, and pretend to be one as well. :knight2:

I can’t see how she’d be able to wear male clothing while buying food at the market without getting some unwanted attention.

A woman shall not be clothed with man’s apparel, neither shall a man use woman’s apparel: for he that doeth these things is abominable before God.
Deuteronomy 22:5

She had to travel halfway across France through enemy territory to even get to the Dauphin in the first place. She was given soldiers to escort her by Robert de Baudricourt, it was too dangerous for her to travel alone. So definitely easier and safer to travel among them as a male. Surely the fact that her fellow soldier was watching her perform.the unfeminine task of putting on armour played some part in his lack of arousal? And mens clothes couldn’t possibly have had a similar effect?

She wore mens.clothes to Mass? I suppose the guards let her wander off to church alone and didn’t go with her? And so had no opportunity to attack her en route?


So I must be an abomination. Try wearing a dress or skirt while climbing in and out of locomotives.

Almost all of us are. I mean, on Deuteronomy you can also see it is clearly forbidden to wear mixed fabric. Either we are all dissidents from the Church, or that is not a Church doctrine :shrug:

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