Is it wrong to intentionally stay up late without a good reason?

Like, let’s say you’re not doing anything the next day and you’ve finished your responsibilities for that day, so you decide to just stay up late, chill out, maybe watch a movie and read a book until you get tired, just for the heck of it.

Is this sinful, due to the potential damage to your health? Or would you say no, assuming you had plenty of time to sleep in and this was only an occasional practice?


Like, I can’t even remotely see a reason why you’d believe this is sinful. Some people are morning people, others are night owls. There’s nothing inherently sinful about either lifestyle.

As you say, you have plenty of time to sleep, you have finished your work, and you don’t make a habit of doing this. So there is no reason why this should be sinful or injurious to your health. On the contrary, NOT relaxing for a change may be harmful to your health even if not necessarily sinful.

As you have phrased it, it seems like not an issue really. Unless you have a pressing responsibilty for the morrow and you’re reading trash. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it was Aquinas, but one commonly held virtue in Catholic thought is the “good use of time” or its wise use. I forget the fancy name for it.

But to use time wisely is a virtue, to use it unwisely is more aptly an imperfection, I would think.

It belongs, it seems to prudence, temperance, and self-discipline. Those come to mind, in any case.

Time is a gift given to us. When we stay up late, perhaps we are wasting the resources given to us. I do this at times and would like to improve by His Grace and my effort.

Once again, please talk to your pastor about these scrupulous questions. Why do you believe it is damaging to your health to stay up late?

This. ^ :slight_smile:

Now and then (read: one night a month or so), I will stay up a couple hours longer than normal and read a book or something. But that is not very often. :wink:

It’s not sinful. People stay up late all the time.

Here, in Mexico, I was just talking about how Mexicans often celebrate Christmas. One girl told me the earliest she goes to bed on Christmas is about 1 am and the latest, about 4 or 5 am!

Where I used to live here in Mexico, they celebrated all night, till about 8 am!

I guess Christmas is a good reason, if there ever was one, to celebrate, though.

In answer to your question, though, no. As you described it, no, it’s not sinful.

Seriously, folks? It is scientifically proven that staying up late may lead to a lack of energy and a bad mood the next day, the *whole *day, not just in the morning.

No matter what age you are, you *must *get enough sleep to survive! There are exceptions if you have a night shift or if you already took enough naps during the day, but generally speaking, we must take good care of our physical temples. Christmas partying is *not *a good excuse for damaging yourselves.

I’m deeply surprised that many adults here approve of this. :dts:

Much of the things we do in life is a question of degree. (The Golden Mean is good to keep in mind.)

There is a difference between staying up till midnight and staying up till 3 or 4 am. etc. so it depends on numerous things. Some people can tolerate 4 hours of sleep per night ongoing while others absolutely need 9-10 every day. It depends on a lot of different things.

:ehh: Staying up late does not necessarily mean one doesn’t get enough sleep. In fact, the OP even said this:

Or would you say no, assuming you had plenty of time to sleep in and this was only an occasional practice?

Before I had children, I could work, plan meals, embroider, pray, read, etc. until early morning hours and sleep late – and wow, was I productive. Far more so than at any other time of day. This isn’t unique to me: at least 20 members of my father’s family function the same way. No one has suggested that one ignore the body’s needs or abuse oneself by staying up late. There are multiple chronotypes that are natural.

As for Christmas, as a child, my family would attend midnight Mass together and have a meal afterward. It was at least 2am before I was tucked in bed and it was often later. People laughed, told stories of past Christmases, ate, played games, drank homemade wine… These are some of the best memories I have. And I’m so thankful my parents didn’t put me to bed because they thought this was somehow tampering with my health.

What about staying up late on CAF? :wink:

Seriously, no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong (sinful) with staying up late in the manner you describe.

I don’t see anything wrong with staying up late. Some people have late shifts. Even if it is just for fun, it’s fine.

If so I’m in big trouble.

How could you possibly think that could be sinful? If you use your thought process then leaving your house could be dangerous and potentially damaging to your health. You might slip on the sidewalk, you might get mugged, a car might hit you etc etc.
Please talk to your priest as it sounds like you might have a problem with scrupulosity.


It may not be prudent to not get enough sleep, but to call it sin?

Come on!

Wait, is the quoted post supposed to be tongue in cheek?

If done in a certain context and for certain reasons, then staying up late at night can indeed be sinful. There’s that bible verse which urges us to take care of our physical temples, otherwise God will destroy us, and so I’m not sure how Christmas partying is an excuse for denying your body its rest.

Partying late at night may not be normally sinful, but then again, it shouldn’t be normally encouraged either.

Prior to the two quoted posts below, I didn’t realize that there are some persons who can survive on just 4 hours a night. :blush:

LIKE? :eek: A fellow academic using LIKE?? :eek:

Sorry, I had to give you grief for that one! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I don’t really see how it’s actual sin, but I think it can be a near occasion of sin if you have a party-time nightlife full of no-nos.

So, if you’re up late praying and doing God’s will----okay. But if you’re being naughty, then you’ll want to make an adjustment.

Jesus sometimes spent the whole night in prayer not sleeping a wink, but very few people can go a night without sleep and function well.

I certainly cannot, though I do it from time to time.

The point is we should use our time wisely and not waste our resources or do injury to our physical health, etc.

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