Is it wrong to kill carpenter bees?

If there are a lot of carpenter bees outside of your house, would it be wrong to kill them?

I’m probably bias because I love bees so I’d say it’s wrong. Especially because there are so little left. I’d recommend calling a service that can relocate the bees. You shouldn’t have to deal with them by your house so there should be a safe way to move them to a new location without killing them. :slight_smile:


Try one of these.


I do not kill insects! Have you heard…insects are getting scarce! My neighbor kills everything…he is so ignorant! I love God’s creatures…the lizards, the toads, the pill bugs, the bees, the wasps…they all have their place in my garden…the insects feed the lizards and the toads…why kill them? The spiders are so artistic…have you seen their webs? Wow, all of God’s creatures have their purpose on this beautiful earth! Amen! :lizard: :lizard: :frog: :frog: :turtle: :ant: :bug: :butterfly: :snail: :beetle: :beetle: :honeybee: :honeybee: :cricket: :spider: :spider_web: :mosquito:


When I first moved to a cabin in the forest, I thought I would live in harmony with nature. I soon learned that it isn’t possible. It’s more like a battle against it.

The insects, whether bees, termites, fleas, ticks or other, all want you to leave. The carpenter bees can cause damage. Swatting the bees with badminton rackets was a common pass time. Most homes had them laying on the porch.

Any insect that is threatening to bite me, to infest my home, to eat my vegetables in the garden, or just generally compromise my health, safety, and quiet enjoyment of my property, is DEAD. As humanely as possible, to be sure, but still dead. I am considering installing a fluorescent bug zapper on my patio to mitigate a huge problem with mosquitoes, flies, chiggers, and no-see-ums. Our Lord has given man dominion over nature and empowered us to subdue the earth, so I am within my rights.

And coyotes — I’ve got a plan for that too. Never seen one so far, but they are said to be in this area from time to time.


Carpenter bees can cause substantial damage to your home if they start nesting there and can make it inhabitable. If possible, it would be a good idea to be nature-friendly and have an expert relocate the hive. However, that isn’t always possible. If we are talking about single bees pestering you or getting in the house, it isn’t doing any significant damage to a colony to kill it. I would say, not a sin, however it’s good to be mindful that pollinators are important and try to remove them safely if possible.

@Emc3, pack up all of your creepy crawlies and send them all off to @libbeylu’s house! :joy:


I’ll kill them for free. And I won’t need to go to confession afterward.


The Franciscan in me says the same thing. I do kill the odd one that I find in the house but I always apologize to them. Seriously, I say “sorry buddy, but you get to go home now”. A childhood incident left me terrified of flying, stinging, striped insects. I have slightly less compassion on them if we’re sharing a room. And if even one shows up on the rare occasion I’m reading outdoors, I head back inside.

Unfortunately I’ve been beating them to death with a tennis racket lately as they drill holes in the planks of the house. There is a rodadendrum in full bloom by the house and they’re in love with it.

They’re nice bugs. Even when I swing and miss they just fly around like a crazed aerial berserker and then go back to whatever they were doing. Never bite.

It’s not a sin. Don’t worry.

I guess it depends on what they are building! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


If they’re taking up residence in the structure of your house it would be wrong not to.

Would it be possible to get a large post of the same type of wood they are boring into/ making a nest, and place it near where they are bothering you? Leave them alone when they are near that piece, then just little by little move it further away from your house? We had Carpenter Bees make their nests in an old post we were no longer using and moved it little by little. They weren’t doing damage, they just kept flying near a walkway. They are interesting creatures and never stung, and seemed to be curious about us. If an insect or bug doesn’t carry a disease, I don’t kill them.

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I do basically the same thing. I say “sorry” and then I do my business. I try to make sure they feel no pain.

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No it is not wrong. Carpenter bee can do damage to wood.

My husband just had to replace 4 exterior load bearing walls in our home due to many years of damage done by carpenter ants that was hidden behind siding.

Given this experience I think the argument could be made that it would be sinful NOT to kill them, as it was always my understanding that our obligations are to God, and then spouse, then minor children (who need somewhere to live!) and I believe bees would be very far down on that list.

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I feel this. I went years without killing insects, but I was into new age beliefs that was the reason for it. I dont go out of my way to kill bugs, but centipedes,
When a centipede is in my shower curtain or scurries out from under a shirt in my bedroom, I find the nearest object to strike it. Ofcourse I let out s loud scream, its terrifying killing the things !
They are the worst!!! :weary:

And, ditto for those huge black Carpenter Ants! We have those here, and they’re a real nuisance.

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