Is it wrong to not want to gain an indulgence?


On the basis that one believes that his sins are so deep, that he deserves to spend time in purgatory?


I would imagine that it would be in that particular case. “Judge not and ye shall not be judged” means no judging. I would imagine that includes oneself.:slight_smile:


Hey, use your rosary. God forgives all sins thanks to Christ! :smiley:


one should be assisted through spiritual direction to move away from erroneous beliefs about one’s own sin, but why would not someone so inclined ask for the indulgence to be applied to one of the poor souls?


Yes, it’s wrong because by doing that you put your own judgment in front of God’s.


That was my first thought. I may not want or need a million dollars for myself, but since I can always use the money to help others, I’d certainly take anything that was freely offered! Same goes with indulgences.


I go for all the forgiveness I can get.
I expect that when I am in purgatory, assuming that I will persist and be saved, I know that I will regret not having lessened my purgation by what I did when I was alive. Frankly, prugatory is quite an unpleasant place. Or would you rather go to the dentist to have twenty teeth drilled when you could have prevented it by brushing your teeth? Furthermore, if you act in this life to be more acceptable to God, God will reward you in heaven. No one can help himself in purgatory or even pray effectually for himself there.
You also might consider doing penance now, maybe by carrying out the traditional acts of mercy and so serving others, by going on pilgrimage to a shrine, by praying much, or by some other good measures.


Yes, this is wrong- just as it is wrong to not want to repent of your sins because you believe you deserve hell for your sins. Trust in God’s grace. We don’t deserve any of the good God gives us, but as a loving father, He wants to- we should humbly and gratefully accept it.


“EphelDuath”… we humans tend to be judgmental, even of ourselves. :frowning: But your question made me realize something; We should all be so very thankful… that we will not “judge” ourselves, but rather… that Our Divine Lord will be our “Just Judge”. He loves us, more than we are able to love, ourselves or others. And I truly believe in His infinite Mercy.

I believe, too… that it is most probable I will “do some time” in Purgatory… but I pray, only that Jesus’ Will be done. We must all totally trust in His Mercy.

There is a prayer I say, each day… and one of the lines is:

“I throw myself with confidence into His adorable Heart awaiting all His Mercy.”

Hope this helps in some way. God bless you, dear soul.


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