Is it wrong to own exotic species, like snakes, alligators, and large hairy spiders?

I don’t see any reason for anybody to own any of these animals in their homes. But, am I mistaken in this?

I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong I think a lot of it might have to do with law and the legality of it some places won’t let you own some of those things. I’ve had a corn snake I’ve had a crow although we had to give it to someone else who can keep it legally because of the migratory bird Act I’ve had a gray fox goats raccoons I’ve had dogs I’ve had cats I’ve had Turtles I’ve had finches I’ve had geese I’ve had Ducks I’ve had chickens. I think again a lot of it might have to do with the legality of it. I don’t think having those things are necessarily immoral.

Just because there isn’t any reason for someone to do something, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily immoral.
But there are situations that this would be so, however, like spending large amounts of money. I don’t think that this would be one such situation, as long as they are obeying all other civil and moral laws.

I can also see a situation that this might be a positive good. If a species is endangered, and a person is obeying all laws, they would be providing for the continuation of the species. :slight_smile:

You’re allowed to own alligators, snakes, and hairy spiders, but only if you teach them to show proper table etiquette and how to converse as an authentic gentlemen or lady. Fork & spoon on the right, butter knife on the left. Especially hairy spiders must undergo appropriate regular hygiene and application of deodorant, or be shaved every 8 days. Gillette Mach 3 with Men’s Extra Sensitive Foam with Aloe Vera is preferred. Just a dab will do.

If it is not against the local laws, then I think one must ask… is the ownership in the best interest of the animal, can the owner adequately provide for the care of the animal in question, can the owner safeguard neighbors and the local environment from the animal while in captivity?

We see all too often where owners are not able to provide, care, and contain the animal(s) in question; thus, placing themselves, their neighbors, the animal and the local environment in grave peril - which IMHO, makes it wrong to “own” the animal in question - just because something can be done, doesn’t mean that it should be done.

I’m pretty certain you are not supposed to own alligators. (I may be wrong, but a lady down here in Florida got in trouble for keeping a six footer she had since it was a little bitty thing.) We tend to have gators over six feet destroyed if they start getting frisky and climbing out of the ponds and make sunbathing on front porches a new hobby. Small children and small pets don’t do well with gators.

People own all sorts of animals, and the poor creatures are completely dependent on their owners to do the ‘right thing’. Health care, food, exercise, proper interaction. The fact that puppy mills exist should prove that ‘owners’ don’t always have the best interests of an animal in mind.

I mentioned on another thread that I used to babysit for a family that the father kept exotic snakes. In the basement. I can tell you he was the kindest of men, and I’m certain his snakes were probably better cared for than the majority of cats and dogs.

He also would NEVER have released one of his charges into the wild. (Like so many offspring are of past pets here in Florida. I’d like to get the original owners to clean up the mess they created here.)

I think there probably should be a licensing requirement, and maybe a registration for animals at the fire station/emergency services at least to keep tabs on these poor creatures in the event of an emergency. Escaped snakes don’t know to return to their owners like a cat or dog.

And if these animals are unwanted later on, they are dumped somewhere. It just isn’t fair to the animals, who started to depend upon their owner.

LOL!! ;):rotfl:

In the absence of any law stating otherwise, and if you are prepared to make the effort to properly care for such a pet in an environment foreign to it; go ahead!



That’s the male spiders’ needs taken care of - would you recommend something different for the ladies? - perhaps they should be waxed or use a hair removal cream?

Devouring the male spider usually takes care of the needs of lady spider, but a post-cannibalism wax could be a bonus. A proper shave will make the spider as smooth as a baby’s bottom and avoid the mortal sin of owning a hairy spider. I believe an automatic ex-communication is also incurred, as is documented in the Canticles of St Winterfresh of Antioch.

I would say you can keep whatever animals you want, as long as it’s legal in your area, you keep them properly with full attention to their housing and general welfare needs and you make sure they can’t endanger other people.

Quite honestly, that applies to any pet. The legality thing varies a lot, of course. In the UK, it’s illegal to keep pitbull dogs and a few other large and potentially dangerous breeds - I understand it’s not illegal in the USA.

I find these exotic species as pets to be a disgusting and dangerous. That’s why I tossed out the question. Thanks for the replies.

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