Is it wrong to put yourself in a location where attending Sunday Mass is impossible?

I’m a college student and currently studying abroad. We will be taking a trip to visit the Amazon jungle with the school group here. I just found out the trip is over the weekend, including all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I asked the director about it, and we will literally be in the middle of nowhere. He thinks it would be impossible for me to attend Mass. I know dispensations can be made for travel if it doesn’t work out, but what does the Church say about a person deliberating choosing to be in a location where they know they will miss Mass? Because although I really want to go on the trip, I could tell them I will skip the this trip because I won’t be able to fulfill my obligation. It is not like I live there or need to be in the jungle, I am only going for pleasure. Being in a foreign country, there is no priest I can talk to here about this in English.

No it is not wrong to take a trip, vacation, excursion, etc. to a place where there is no Mass. It would only be wrong if someone was deliberately trying to make an excuse not to attend Mass. Settlers, explorers, astronauts, etc. didn’t always have clergy with them.

In such cases no dispensation is required. One cannot be required to attend a non-existent Mass.

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