Is it wrong to split weekday and weekend Mass between two parishes?

This may be a dumb question.

I am perfectly happy going to my parish for Sunday Mass and participating in other things that I can do after work hours and weekends. However, there is a parish that is closer to where I work that offers weekday Mass at times I can actually attend.

Would it be looked down upon if I went to weekday Mass there and was not a member of that parish?

No, you would no be looked down on.

Attending weekday masses near an office location versus one’s home parish is quite common.

To the contrary, I think the priest would be quite pleased that you take time to attend daily Mass. I think alot of people who attend daily Mass are attending at a church near their place of work rather than their home parish.

It wouldn’t be looked down on at all. Check out, the site’s purpose is to help people find mass times for Catholic parishes around the country. It comes in handy if you need to travel or have to work around a time commitment.

this is 2 questions. Is it wrong to attend Mass at any other parish, at any time, Sunday or otherwise, no of course not. Would somebody look down on you? who knows there are uncharitable people everywhere, and even people on this forum who are unwelcoming of new people coming to their church, but so what? why would that deter you from doing a good and valuable act of worship?

I would hope not as I regularly do so. There is a daily Mass within a mile of where I work & it’s impossible to attend daily Mass at my home parish given the Mass time & that it’s 55 miles away from work. I have not asked but one of the priests that celebrates Mass knows that I am there because of it’s location & time & he has not complained & is always very cordial. There’s not many of us that attend the daily Mass, I have noticed.


No! A lot of people have to do it for one reason or the other. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus bless those who take the time to visit You!!

i’ve never heard of anyone looking down on you for attending mass at another parish

when i was still living in the Philippines, our house belonged to one parish that was a bit further than another church. so we go regularly to the other church. in fact the priest know my parents very well and we participate in the parish. although our address does not belong to that parish

just don’t forget your obligations to the parish you are a member of. the sunday collections help in the upkeep of the church

I also would hope not. My home parish doesn’t have a daily Mass so sometimes during the week, I’ll go to one of the weekday Masses at another parish. I can’t go every day though because these other parishes are out of town and I don’t have enough gasoline to be able to go every day.

It is very common for people to attend daily Mass at a parish near their work–especially if there is a nonn Mass. Parishes in downtown areas expect this. In suburban areas, the parishes that have the very early morning Masses often see people from outside their boundries at that Mass on their way to work. The Catholic church is universal so you can attend Mass at any parish (even Sunday Mass) and you should not be frowned on or made to feel unwelcome. That said, you should continue to financially support and volunteer at your main parish no matter where you happen to attend Mass.

During the week I go to a parish that has Mass in the evening. It works for me and for others to be able to go after work and this is the only parish in the area with a Mass at that time. The daily Mass community mostly belongs to other parishes who have morning or noon-time Masses. (And there’s a subset of the daily Mass community that use this parish as a last resort when they were unable to attend earlier Masses elsewhere.)

The only thing I feel bad about is that I’m “taking” from the parish and not contributing. I make a small monetary donation to them but I’m not involved in their activities or ministries.

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