Is it wrong to think about my possible future wife?

So I’m a senior heading to college and I’ve been praying to God, making sure I have a calling to the sacrament of marriage and at this point I’m positive I do. I used to be obsessed over meeting the girl God picked for me to spend the rest of my life if he was calling me to be a husband and I am starting to learn that if he does want me to meet this girl it will be when I’m most ready for her and at the best possible time, not when I want to. I trust in God’s plan and I know if I put him at the center of my life and continually focus on being closer to him and Christ then everything will fall into place and he’ll place this girl in my life if he is calling me to be a husband, because if he put the desire to be husband in my heart and I still feel the same that I did a couple years ago then I’m probably not called to priesthood (I know never say never, but I have a good idea of whether I’m gonna be a priest or not by now). Sometimes I just spend time thinking about the moment I might meet this girl and what our relationship will be like. I feel like I shouldn’t be doing it because I should be using this time to be closer to God and not thinking about a girl. It is wrong to do this? I’m not really sure at this point. BTW I don’t fantasize anything sexual, just regular Catholic relationship stuff lol

In my humblest opinion, I think its ok to be open to it, but to obsess over it is not good. Live your life today and live, for tomorrow may never come. Just saying.

I think you’ll probably be okay to think about her.

Some have told me that St. Raphael is a good one to pray to for intercession. Have you ever read the Book of Tobit in the Bible? It’s very short, probably 10 pages. It’s a beautiful love story.

In my opinion, there seems to be absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing! In fact, if I get married, I hope my husband will have thought about what it’ll be like to go to Church, go on picnics, pray, sing, and raise kids together will be like! Don’t worry yourself too much though! God’s got someone amazing planned for you! Also, I know it really isn’t the point of the thread, but never shut your mind off to the idea of the religious life! Who knows? You might be the next pope! :wink:

You’re doing nothing wrong. It is perfectly acceptable to think about things other than God, in fact you probably are doing so right now as you read this. Be at peace. If your thoughts do start to become sexual fantasies, then you’ll have to end them, but as long as it’s PG, you’re fine.

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