Is it wrong to want to die?

Not a desire for suicide, just a desire to cease existing? Say, hoping while sunning oneself a meteor would come along, or a semi truck would crash into oneself while making a turn?

I found nothing about this in the CCC.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to die when the Almighty decides it’s time. As well, for a Christian, a desire to “cease existing” goes against the notion that we are eternal beings, bound for eternal life or eternal death…our choice.

But it sounds like hoping to die in the way you describe is contrary to our culture of life, which implies that we live our our lives here on earth for the full duration, for better or worse.

Your methods of death seem a bit on the impulsive side. I think it depends a lot on why you want to die. If it is to see God, then accept His will for your death but let Him know you want to see Him. If it is curiosity or impulsivity, I think there may very well be something wrong with it, though perhaps not a sin. Of course, these thought can be normal, even if a bit impulsive. Death is a part of our lives and we are curious about it.

Maybe we need more info?

No one ceases to exist.

Let us Live! and above all let us live in Christ!

He is our Hope and our True Life!

Why do you ask?

This is passive suicide thinking. If you are depressed, please go and visit your doctor and tell him that you have these types of thoughts.

it can be a result of focusing too much on the afterlife. keep your focus on
living this life.

yes, it’s wrong to want to die and against normal human nature.

life is a tremendous gift and the only one you’ll have, in all eternity.

unless your sick and suffering with no hope. i think it’s understandable under those circumstaces to want death.

when you feel like that go eat a pizza.:slight_smile:

When things go bad, and I´m depressed, I pull myself up, with a saying my Grandmother always said when she was undergoing a crisis. And this too will pass. And it always has. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I have had those feelings and they are a result of depression.

This could be medical, moral or personal causes and I encourage you to explore what thoughts are under these feelings.

I also encourage you to express with your confessor and certainly as part of your time of self examination.

Life is a gift and if we feel it is a burden we are at odds with that.

In Christ.

If you are having these feelings, please see your physician ASAP.


Life is a gift from God, wanting to die is like tossing that gift back in God’s face. Even in the most dire of situations, you need to pray and let God help you. Trust that He will help you get through the rough times. Start to take a 5 or 10 year outlook on things.

The big question is WHY do you feel this way. IF it is depression, then you need to see a doctor. Hopelessness is a terrible way to go through life and it is very dangerous and not normal. Get help.

IF it is just a passing throught, then focus on things you enjoy or look forward to. Stay busy or get active with volunteer work, exercise or talk to a friend, or work towards solving your problems.

Life is too good and too short not to enjoy it. God wants us to be happy both in THIS life AND the next.

I would encourage you to seek some help in counseling or some such. Your pastor may well have a Christian counselor he could refer you too. I would also take this to confession, not so much as a sin but as a distress. These are things that can eventually turn us away from our Good God.

Judging from the times I have felt that way, I encourage you to talk to someone about your sadness, emptyness, anger, or whatever that is for you. You are a child of God, dear, and so valuable. I have to believe that our loving God sees this as a better world with you in it which is why you are still here. We all would be diminished if you weren’t.

Sometimes I think about what heaven must be like, but no, I have never had a desire to die. I want to die whenever God’s predestined time for me comes. Perhaps you should seek spiritual guidance from a priest, or counselor

God Bless:thumbsup:


Not wrong of you

but surely it better to feel happy and at peace?

If I were you I would chat to my priest as I did and get lots of support to help you through :slight_smile:

I would say that in God’s original plan for his creation (GOPC), having a certain % of his creatures go through (part of/most of) life wishing they hadn’t been born or wishing they were dead certainly wasn’t part of it. People with certain temperaments, skill sets are better suited for this life, for others life is more like something unpleasant, a struggle, an ordeal, a chore. I think a death wish is not wrong in itself, God never blamed the prophet Jeremiah for wishing his mom’s womb had been his coffin. But even though something is not a sin or morally wrong, it is still not ideal. And it can’t be conducive to good things, either. When I was a teen and even later in my 20’s thinking I had potentially another 60-65 years of living to go through was too much to bear, I couldn’t do it without getting severely depressed/hopeless. Now having possibly half and maybe more of my life behind me is a pleasant thought (and being older, I see a good number of people not much older than me pass away, so life doesn’t seem like this endless drudgery anymore). To me, suicide is something that’s always in the back of my mind, like a secret weapon that I’d hate to use but knowing it’s there secures and comforts me, more like a defense mechanism (e.i. if things revert to how bad they used to me, I know I’ll be able to escape). Spend your energy/attention/focus on bettering your life inasmuch as it can be (suicide sucks ang God will call you back when he wills it, so might as well make the most of the life you’ve got). Water a plant that has potential for growth, wanting to die has none of that.

It depends on why one wants to die. Several of the saints had such a strong desire to be with God that life itself seemed a burden. To recognise that this life is transient and that we are called to a greater existence is not bad at all.

To want to die because existing itself is bothersome may be a sign of a number of things. Depression being one, as others have suggested. But it can also be a dark gift from God for His purposes. To see our own existence as worthless may be a calling from God to seek a greater truth. Sometimes God purges us of any sense of worth so that we are free to embrace His calling.


I feel the same way and I found material that seem to support the desire to die to be in Heaven. Here is one example:

*The Golden Key to Heaven
by Saint Anthony Mary Claret

The death of the just: Death will reach everyone, the good and the bad; but the destiny of each one is quite different. The just man sees himself in this valley of tears as a prisoner, serving a very hard term. He considers himself a slave in this world, suffering an extremely distressing servitude. He regards himself a sailor caught in a horrible storm. And as death means an end of his confinement, an end of his slavery, and is the port of his salvation, he ceases not to cry with David, “Woe is me that my sojourning is prolonged!. . .” (Ps. 119:5). He ceases not to ask with the Apostle, “. . . Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (Rom. 7:24)*

Thanks for that. I don’t know of it is what the OP was talking about, but I had to sympathize with his death wish somewhat. I have never been depressed, but I do certainly think of this world as a prison and I long to see my Father. Im not saying I am just, but surely a sinner can feel this way too?

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