Is it wrong to work on a Sunday if I’m not getting enough hours during the rest of the week?


I’m unemployed other than a part time job but the part time job has only given me a few hours this week. I can pick up a lot of hours on Sunday and I’d still be able to go to mass. How egregious would this be if I have bill to pay?


I don’t believe this would count as a sin or anything. If this is your only means of providing for yourself, you gotta do what you gotta do. I would work Sundays all the time in college. Had to pay rent and that was when they scheduled one of my shifts.

Edit: this is just my opinion though…


Many jobs require Sunday work. As long as you are able to fulfill your Mass obligation, I believe you are good to go.



(and in all seriousness, this fully answers the question.)



agree and you are going to Mass so that is a PLUS there. You have to support yourself somehow and pay your bills.


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