Is it wrong to...?

Is it wrong to give myself completely to Jesus Christ as His Bride already? I’m only 15 so entering any order is out of the question. Not like I would as a consecrated virgin or anything, but to realize that He is the only one for me and that I will never marry.
One day, I was totally confused about what God wants of me. I told Him that if only He would tell me, whatever He told me would become my own will. The next day in church, as soon as I stepped into the church, I felt as though the Holy Spirit walked through me. That is the only way to describe it! I felt the Love of God sweep over me.
I know that I’ll never ever change and that Jesus is the true spouse of my soul. He loves me so much and no one can take my heart away from Him. Is it wrong to think this/give myself to the Lord, completely as His Own? I had talked about it to a Sister and she said that any promises to God like this must be made through the church. But may I take the Lord as my intentional Spouse now? Not wearing a habit or anything or following any vows but giving my heart to Him and promising to not love any other.
This whole thing is probably really confusing! Whatever advice/comments will be greatly appreciated
Yours in Christ.

Well, the thing is, you cannot be sure that you’re not called to marriage. This time last year, I was convinced I was going to be a big-time Rock Star and that I would get all of the “blue-eyed bunnies” as Michael Buble calls them, but then something changed, and now I’m set on being either a Priest or a Religious. You can never be sure. Don’t assume that you’re right based off of feelings. Our entire society bases things off feelings. “If it feels good, do it.” is a very popular philosophy. Don’t fall to the philosophies of our horrible culture. Trust in God, give yourself to him, but do not assume that you will never get married. I’ve had to learn this, and I’ve been trying to accept it. I’ll be honest, I’m almost 100% sure that I’m called to the Religious Life, but that all could change. This could just be an important phase in my life, and then when I find a woman I like, that’s all she wrote for it. Keep your mind open, and don’t become disheartened. So many times have I let myself become disheartened because people gave me this same advice, but it’s not to discourage you, it’s to encourage you. Don’t assume anything about your future when it comes to these matters. You may very well become a Sister or a Nun, but in the same way you could be married as well. You don’t know, so for now, focus on what you do know: It will be a long time until then, so I’m not going to make any big commitments now, and simply enjoy being fifteen. Think about it, but do not do anything that you might regret later. Something you might regret later is consecrating yourself to God now when you’re actually called to marriage.

I know this is hardly something you want to hear but 15 is still very young. I’m 20 and I can tell you the person I was, the things I wanted at 15 are very far from what I want now. As someone who is discerning religious life I can tell you that nothing is in black and white. There are times where I feel so sure of what God wants and others where I am totally confused.

Do not make any vows or promises to the Lord because you cannot be sure at this stage. You may choose not to date or have romantic relationships, that is up to you but do not make any sort of promises - the Sister was right in her advice. Keep praying, keep discerning, keep close to the Lord. If you have a calling and ask God to guide you, He will show you the right path and your feelings will not go away. Just make sure to keep your mind open to what the Lord has to say! Try finding if your diocese has a vocations office or a discernment group that will help you find your path.

You are in my prayers.

Great saints decided they wanted to become nuns/sisters/brothers at a young age. I would say that you shouldn’t make hasty decisions about your vocation, but if you’re really certain and you’ve prayed about it for a few months, then by all means, go for it!

I think it is a great idea! But you need to carefully discern this decision for a little longer. You should talk to your priest and to Sisters to get an idea of what you would be doing. You should also prayerfully consider what you will do. And also your family needs to know as well! I’m sure that if it is in God’s Will for you to marry then God will send a man who is after His heart to find you and you will know he is from God before you enter into the religious life. If not, then you will know that the religious life is your calling. God calls some people at a young age, it is better to be living as the Lord’s Bride anyway, as not to get caught up in the heartbreaks of young adult datng life. That’s just my opinion. We are all supposed to be married to Jesus in our sinlge lives so it is a good thing you are considering this now. More young women should. As long as you know that you will not be bitter or resentful about not having children or an earthly husband and that you carefully go through the proper steps for the right reasons, then I would say go for it! There are many 15 year old girls who are planning their future weddings at your age and I would not see it as a bad thing as long as they are carefully discerning with the help of mature believers and people who are already in the position they are looking to be in and that they, of course, wait until they are of the required legal age. Sorry if I’m rambling here. I just think this is an amazing decision! :slight_smile:

Funny thing: When I was 15 I was certain that I wanted to be a religious. I didn’t follow it up untill I was older, like about 29. I made what my then superior called a promise in front of a priest and a couple witnesses. I started college to be a nurse, but had no support system within the community and no money. I was told that I could go to school if I paid for it. And I tried. Finally, with no income or support I had to go to work. I never did reach my goal. I guess I just drifted away from the community-they didn’t seem to care if I came or went. To this day I still crave the religious life-or maybe I am obsessed. All of the group I started with are gone and so are some of the older professed. I don’t know what went wrong or why. So, be very careful what you wish for or think is a calling. I know that many “exers” feel this great loss as I do. It is something you never get over. To this day I don’t know what I am in the eyes of the church and I suppose I will die this way. To me a promise is a vow, but I was told it wasn’t. Know what you want without doubt…and if you enter a cummunity that cares about your spiritual and your TEMORAL welfare. P. S. It was a French order and they think the government pays for everything…but not here.

One of our past babysitters was certain she was going to become a nun from about age 15. She went to college to study theology and she spent summers in a convent. When was 21, she met a guy. When she was 22, they got married in a beautiful Catholic ceremony. She is now about 26. They just had their second child a few months ago. Here is the ironic part…he is not Catholic! :smiley:

So keep your heart focused on God, but be aware God may have other things in mind for you!

It is not wrong to desire to become the bride of Christ at age 15 or even at a younger age. I suggest you read about St. Rita and her struggle to enter a convent, St. Gemma Galgani who inspires us all in prefection of true devotion and purity of heart. Also, St. Teresa of the Little Flower who fell in love with the Lord at a young age. You can follow the ways of the world and never be satisfied or even distancing yourself from the Love of Christ, or you can truly be united with Him on earth and in Heaven. Don’t be surprised if you go through many struggles in your journey. It’s God’s way of purifing your soul and manisfesting His will through you. Also some other saints who might inspire you is St. Faustina Kowalska, St. Bernadette, and St. Maria Goretti. You probably are not interested in becoming a saint but better to serve our Lord with the virtues of the Blessed Virgin than to serve Him with an unpure heart and selfish intentions. Always pray and pray offen, especially the Rosary…and you will find the divine guidance you need. May the Lord bless you always!

Everyone is interested in becoming a Saint. You must be a Saint to enter Heaven. Everyone in Heaven except God is a Saint. Every good Catholic’s main goal is to become a Saint. Mother Angelica says we are all called to become Saints, and not to miss the opportunity. If becoming a Saint and going to Heaven is not on the top of her list of goals, than discerning Religious life is quite a waste for her. I’m not trying to sound like the mean guy, but this is the most important thing in every Catholic’s life. If going to Heaven is on your list of things to do, I’d recommend trying to be Saintly, otherwise it may not turn out the way you think it will.



I thank the Lord for your generosity and the fire of your desire to go all the way with Jesus, not just part way. To be or not to be, a Saint, that is the question. You will become a living Saint more and more each day if you persevere in your Yes to Christ. What your Vocation will be is decided in His Heart since before you were born. You need not calculate or control anything. The same Spirit that walked through you will walk with you and lead you to the Altar as Bride of Christ or Bride of man, but you will be all for Jesus in your Vocation. The same Love that swept you off your feet, will carry you to where you need to be. He knows the kind of Saint He wants you to be, and how to get there, which steps to take.

There is nothing strange about your desire. Now is the time to consider what the Lord is calling you to and to discern the best way to prepare to respond to that call. Read the lives of different Saints, like Story of a Soul of St. Therese of Lisieux who asked the Pope himself if she could enter Religious Life at fifteen. If it is the Lord’s wish or desire, than you shall enter, Pope Leo XIII answered her. The same goes for you. Visit with Sisters and ask them about their journey to the Religious Life. Go to discernment camps or weekends, retreats for young women discerning. Work alongside them from time to time to test your reaction to what they are doing. Pray with them. Take your time enjoying growing in intimacy with Jesus. Prudence and courageous initiative. The Sisters and others will tell you if they see a Vocation or not.

God calls, the Church confirms. You have time, but love can’t wait. You can love Jesus now and explore the Religious life slowly and with joy. It is not a race, but an obligation to inquire about what God’s Will is for you. If it is meant to be, it will be. Jesus will channel your desires towards what He wants of you. As it has been already said: What you think you know and what God knows are as different as the heavens are above the earth. I am praying for you. Give yourself in service with Sisters if you can, and to the poor, to the children in Catechism for example, in various ways, give yourself to the members of your family and those who suffer of all ages. Fulfill your duties here and now with joy and your charity and prayer life will bring you to where Jesus wants you quite naturally and supernaturally as a work of grace inspiring your desire.

Fr. Dominic

Orders do not really accept women so young any more, they generally ask for women to wait until a little later in their lives. By all means the OP may keep discerning and build a relationship with a community she is interested in joining until such a time she and the order decide she is ready to join.

I just figured out what your username means! And I didn’t have to Google it. I remember the word ‘monjita’ from the story ‘El Crimen Perfecto’. Yay for Spanish class! And prayers for you. :slight_smile:

After a failed engagement and many other painful issues which I wont go into, at the age of 21 I spoke to my priest who was a Canon about entering into the Carmelite order. I desired forgiveness, peace and a union with Jesus that I believed could be achieved in no other way He advised me that due to my strength and desire to serve God well I would make an excellent nun. But he believed I would marry and have a family. My children he said would serve God too, and that I would be able to support them with my strength. He advised me to wait 4 more years and my vocation would be revealed to me. I spoke to a nun last year and she told me they would not have accepted me so young and 25 was the minimum age they would accept. Last year I met my future husband and we are now discussing children in the future following our marriage.

Give yourself time to grow, enjoy your life and live your life well, no matter what path God chooses for you.

God bless you x

You’ve been given many opinions here and nothing more, so keep that in mind. Many, many saints entered at 15 and even younger in previous centuries. There are orders that take girls as young as 16 today, although a diploma or GED are required, and yes, God can call you now. Just because someone longs to be a nun and then falls in love does not mean that person didn’t have a vocation. When we don’t nurture our love for Christ, it will fade bit by bit and going to college or working full time is a certain way to see a calling fade away. This is a private matter between you and your spiritual director. I would recommend you pray for a holy priest who can direct you and that you request information from a few orders and make their vocation retreats when you are 16 or whatever age they require.

Have a go at this website and contact some of the orders that interest you. There is a vocation forum at phatmass too that has a few younger ladies who are discerning.

Isn’t Jesus wonderful? Oh, how in love I am! :heart:
I am glad I’m not the only teen out there who feels this way!

He is! No matter who you are, His Love is the deepest and truest!!!

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