Is it wrong?


is it wrong to pray to god for spiritual gifts/graces for yourself or for another person…for example the grace to be able to see your holy guardian angel…? i am not asking for this for any kind of fame and would keep it to myself


I would go with no on this one.

I don’t think praying to benefit yourself is bad, that is until it is out of envy or jealosy. But if done modestly, I think it is fine.

Yes, I too pray to see my guardian angel. It has yet to happen :shrug:


thanks!!! i am not asking out of envy or jealousy…


I would not recommend praying to know the future or for visions or for the name of your guardian angles.

There is no way to know if such information comes from God or the

On a side note, if I ever saw my gaurdian angel, or an angel period, the first thing I was say is “Do you confess that the Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh?”

If it doesn’t respond I would assume it was the enemy and ask the Father to rebuke it.

Yours in Christ


I have done this and I found that when I think of it at night time or when it is dark, I get a bit spooked. I have had weird dreams about my picture of St. Therese making weird faces at me, :eek: and random things like that, but it always makes me pretty spooked and afraid.

That’s all I can say, but I suppose it comes down to the person with the sort of things that happen to me.

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yeah, i guess it depends on the individual, after all we are all different…and we can ask for these gifts because we will only get them if it is gods will


I think it is wrong to pray for a vision of your guardian angel or Jesus or Mary or anything like that, because you cannot be assured that if you get one, it is the real thing. Satan is a great deceiver. And the Church, in her wisdom, does not encourage people to seek after supernatural experiences for that reason.

Even unsought visions and apparitions are carefully investigated by the Church to determine their authenticity, and very few are actually deemed worthy of belief. So if the Church is so very careful about these things, we should take heed and be careful ourselves in these matters.

Pray instead for God’s will to be done in your life, and pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that you will be equipped to live as a Christian.


is it wrong to pray to god for spiritual gifts/graces for yourself or for another person…for example the grace to be able to see your holy guardian angel…?**

Why would you want someone else to see your guardian angel?


No, I think what they are saying is that they want to see it, not others.


I agree with you.

Faith is what is important, not what we see in the supernatural world.

The devil is all too quick to jump in when a person has these desires, because then he can lead one astray.

St. John of the Cross is a Doctor of the Church on prayer, and he advises against the desire for supernatural graces and visions. If God so decides a person to experience something then that is fine - and that should be the end of it, it should only be discussed with one’s confessor or spiritual director and not casually over a cup of coffee with friends because it might be “interesting”.


To ask for exceptional favours - such as that would be - is unwise, & at least materially sinful. Grace in general should of course be asked for, since we cannot live without it: but the exceptional ones should not be asked for. :slight_smile: It’s difficult enough to know whether our fellow human beings are to be trusted - how would one tell with angels :wink: ? If we chase after such things, we are setting ourselves up to be deceived (as St. John of the Cross somewhere says).


i have never prayed or even thoought about these gifts what so ever until one day it came to me as a rush. but if you do recieve these gift make sure its authentic because they can come from satan. as of seeing angels one must understand what angels are first. They are not people but spirits. They have no bodies. so dont expect a person with wings and wearing a white alb either. and also becareful what you pray for becuase GOD might give you something that will scare you and potentially lose your faith.


I do not believe that God in His love for us, would ever give us anything that would have us loose our faith. Perhaps some things that might scare us (as in the Bible, most of these Angelic visits started with “Fear Not”…).

It is my personal belief that one should only pray for what would help one do better God’s will through us… meaning, we give it away as it flows through to the other person… only feeling the Joy of His love left as a residue. Meaning, our prayers are for another’s benefit but felt/sensed by us.

Even Christ in the garden prayed for the apostles and that God’s Will be done… not His.

We should be praying to know His will for us… not our will for Him.


You’ll see him after this life. Be patient.

In general you should not pray to have visions or extraordinary spiritual gifts. You will normatively meet with deceits instead of true ones. Ask God to give you whatever pleases Him generally instead without aiming for these.

It is not wrong in that it is evil, it is wrong in that it is imprudent and generally won’t work out to your good, even if the prayer is answer positively there’re too many negatives associated for it to be prudent.


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