is it wrong?

I’m Catholic, but I also study history very intensely. I love researching (real credible research, not silly webpages) very old history. With different evidence about the customs of the times and connections made, and all that jazz, sometimes I doubt some theories in the bible. Is it wrong to believe that Jesus actually had brothers and sisters, or that jesus was married (no, not to mary magdalene, just in general), or that Mary wasn’t a virgin, or that Jesus was a regular man? I still follow my religion and see importance in everything. I still follow all the teachings and I’m not dissing any beliefs, but is it wrong to believe that everyone was like everyone else? I don’t want comments telling me my theories and research are false, I just wanna know if its wrong to follow Catholicism, yet not believe everything due to my love of researching and analyzing history? Or if its wrong for me to have different beliefs, yet still consider myself Catholic?

Yes it is wrong. As a Catholic you are bound to believe as Truth everything the Church teaches as Truth. As for Jesus having brothers and sisters: why would Jesus give Mary to Joh’s care if He had other famuly to care for her. Christ was an only child.

Right on.

As per your request i will leave aside the research and focus on the teaching/doctrine aspect. If you follow Catholicism you follow the teachings, if you follow the teachings you would also follow the teachings on Christ and the Virgin birth.

Furthermore the Church knows history better than modern day scholars as She was ther when these events occurred.

I apologize in advance if I’m misunderstanding you, but are you suggesting the poster should stop researching history just because it might turn up things not agreeable to the Church?

One of the things I greatly admire about the Catholic Church is it’s not afraid of discovery, unlike some fundamentalist church groups, where time seems to have stood still.

Surely it’s a good thing to research and discover as much as you can, even if that may be uncomfortable?

It is, after all, how we discovered we weren’t the centre of the solar system, despite how uncomfortable that made some people feel at the time!

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Jesus had “brethren” which basically ment his “buddies”. That was later translated into brothers. You have to remember that the bible is a complex series of books written by many people over thousands of years. Imagine if the bible said someone was gay (which ment happy and jolly only 50 years ago) :wink: You just have to try to trust the churches teachings. No one has went to as great of an effort to make sure they got it right as the catholic church.

Not at all, I myself am simply leaving aside discussion on whether or not her research is correct as per my reading of the OP. For example, I would disagree with NicoleElizabeth’s intrepertation of the “brothers” of Jesus argument and it’s historical basis but thats not the question asked in the OP, so I won’t present a case for it here.

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