Is it wrong.

I have had this issue since I was a child but didn’t realize until I was older. I kinda have a sixth sence. I don’t hear voices or full on see things but I get words and vibes and notice things. They are in no way bad. At one point I thought I had what veterans do. That gut feeling when you know things will be bad if you leave a room. Or when it’s to quite you know something’s wrong. But then I started predicting things. Like this one time a girl I had met for the first smiled at me and I kept having the name EMMA flash in my head. Like a picture. I asked her name (I won’t lie she was beautiful) when she said “It’s Emma” I got scare. Tis happens a lot. I tried asking people about and they claimed it was the devils working. But I don’t feel evil. I help people with it. Any ideas or advice. I want to use it more like help people but if it’s Devils work then what?

Just opinion… If there is a devil I don’t think he wouldn’t be interested in spending too much time with your type.

what in the world do you mean by that? :confused:

I think it is best to ask a priest these questions. Start with your parish priest, and if he feels he is unequipped to counsel you, then he will surely direct you to someone who can better help you. I would also suggest you take this to the Lord in prayer–ask Him to lead you to someone holy who can help you discern the “fruits of the spirit”. Ask Him also to protect you from evil. I would not at this point, TRY to use your “gift”. If something comes to you without your asking for it, don’t make too much of it. Simply take note of it and add it to the list of things you want to ask the priest about. This is something that cannot be discerned by you without the help of a holy priest. All the Saints had spiritual directors, including Sister Faustina, who did not trust any of her visions until she had talked to her confessor about them. She knew very well that the devil can and does try to mislead.


I guess I forgot to mention, sorry about that…I have a rule, here it is…

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then pm the op if you don’t want to be questioned.

Then how will you learn ?:thumbsup:

Look friend where I come from if people say “your type” in any sentence it is not a good thing. In fact I for some reason feel as though it was an inslut so please do explain.:confused::mad:

and what does that mean,no offense meant,but is english your first language ?

and what does that mean,no offense mean,t is english your first language ?

I took the time to read all his posts, sat down thought about the many possibilities for this thread starter and entered my thought…so the caption “your type” was referring to the OP in being a caring person evidenced in reading…

Now…having read your…“look friend” notation addressing myself…I think Ive got an idea of your type.:thumbsup:

I can’t remember:thumbsup:

i sure have an idea of your type.

Ok…so your the OP

I think you have a guilt issue with wimping out on telling lies and bearing false witness for innocent people as you described in that other thread…now its haunting you …

Also…your idea of being perceptive seems a ploy or devised and mostly imagined, for distractive purpose’s

But you seem like a caring person so maybe the healing process will just take a little time.


i call troll

some of you guys in the family section are going to need to start acting like Christians

To the original poster: It is my understanding that there are people who are given certain gifts or charisms from God! These can be used in a very special way to help others and to help build up the church.

I would, however, strongly urge you to seek spiritual direction. Venturing on your own into this kind of deep spirituality must be done with discernment and strong support from a faithful spiritual director. Please see your parish priest or contact your local diocese with questions.

Thank you for sharing and God bless you on your journey!

I as well have a sixth sense and it’s no way evil or of the devil as a certain poster suggests. We all are given different gifts different from each other and it’s not to be feared if you learn more about it.

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