is it wrong?


I hope this is the apposite group in the forum to place my question.

Recently I came across a book titled “A guide to sex positons” by Anne Hooper. I just wanted to know if its morally right to read/keep such books. A thought just passed over me when i reached out for the book and that is, though sex education is promoted by the church, does books relating to sex positions go on the same lines as well, or is it unacceptable?



no one but you can know why you are considering it…but most likely any priest will tell you that your answer is dependent on your intent…what do you need/want the book for and do you feel it’s necessary? is it an educational text or pornographic picture book? (hopefully it’s not porn in disguise but sorry, i can’t imagine what else it is without knowing more?) make your decision accordingly and give it some thought before you decide to buy something like that…!


I think there’s more to it than pornography or education. I think it matters what’s sex seen as and what it’s used for. If such a book about sexual techniques does not obstruct the view of sexual intercourse as a part of marriage and a part and sign of mutual devotion and unity and the passing of the gift of life, as well as a gift of one to the other, then well, probably no problem with it. But I’d be extremely cautious about marital intercourse becoming simply sex and then sex becoming technical. Without getting too wishy washy about this, we ought to make love rather than have sex.


If you are not married you have no need and no business reading such a book. If you are married, you will enrich your love life together much more by working on mutual communication, self-giving and intimacy so that you arrive at expressions of love satisfying and fulfilling for both of you. How lame and unromantic to seek that knowledge from an outsider.

Since the pictures inevitably will intrude in the intimate life of third parties, you have no business looking at them and it is doubtful most people could read such a book without finding it a definite occassion of sin.

Calls to mind some male friends of mine who in college (we were so innocent in those days) were induced to send away for such a book advertised in one of their magazines (Playboy in those days was on a par with the average teen fashion or celebritay mag nowdays). It promised full color illustrations. It delivered on its promise in that the illustrations were stick figures, blue for the girl, red for the guy. They socked up $20 for it.


Ok Puzzle Annie, Most of these books are illustrations. But if they are not PA may have a point if you are a man. On the other hand if you are not affected by those images and are looking for educational aspect before marriage that is fine too. You don’t want to go into a marriage not knowing anything about it. I had a friend that married a girl that was very holy, but she didn’t even know what oral sex was. It is good to be educated, that way you can be very open and honest with your fiance about what you would like to do.


Married couples who love each other, don’t need such instruction.

Such material is for marriages that are in trouble.
Sexual education materials won’t save marriages, but more often than not, help end them.



I’m not sure how such a book could not provoke lustful thoughts. Also, many of these kinds of books, especially if they use photographs of real people, are simply pornography in the guise of an instruction manual…also known as lipstick on a pig.

Communication and trial and error is the best path in this regard and certainly way more fun. You don’t need a book for that.


I beg to differ. I think that a person who has not been involved in anything sexual before or has sheltered themselves from all impurity, which they should, it could be very helpful.


a big AMEN to that last thing.:slight_smile:


MysticalMan, I see nothing wrong with your married friend’s wife. Not knowing what oral sex is is not bad. In fact, I find oral sex to be bad so not knowing what it is seems much better in my opinion - a virtue rather than a draw back if you will.




I’m not sure if you’ll choose to listen to me instead of all these other voices, but if I were you I’d iput that book down and not bother with it. Really whether it’s illustrated or not I think it’d be horrible to put that stuff in your mind.



I don’t know what PA means other than the state next to Ohio and don’t need to know. I think to “educate” yourself before marriage by recourse to any means–a how-to manual, a video, or using a prostitute–is destructive to true marital intimacy, not to mention being as romantic as having your honeymoon in a science lab. The way to be open and honest with your spouse about what you like is to learn together how to give oneself to the other, how to please each other, what you enjoy, what is distasteful, how romantic and exciting to find these things out together. How dull to go through a book experimenting with unlikely postions like a homework assignment. Frankly I never wanted a man who learned about sex from a third party, and I dont’ think my husband ever wanted that, either. Of course that was before romance went the way of the dodo.


Did you ever consider that the people in the photos had to commit sin to produce the book.



With all due respect, a fellow would have to be extremely sheltered to reach of point of not knowing what goes where and why, and needing a book to show him :slight_smile:


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