is it wrong...


to read the Qu’ran and on spirituality? i’m not talking about converting or anything but just on learning other peoples beliefs and what not…peace.


It is not wrong to do research and gain an intellectual knowledge of another religion for the purpose of being able to refute it. However, as with all such research, care of your soul is paramount.

If you are not spiritually mature and are not well-versed in your Catholic faith, it is probably better to learn more about your Catholic faith and grow more spiritually before you embark on some type of personal comparative religion research.

But if you are ready, you much approach it prayerfully. Ask the Lord to prevent you from being influenced by it what you read. Always think in terms of how you would refute this or that point. Of course there will be certain points that we have in common, never forget, either intellectually or spiritually, that only the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth.


I agree that for intellectual or comparative purposes it is OK to read the Quran, but, and this is an important but, if you are not throughly familiar with the Bible and your Catholic Faith before hand, how are you going to compare? In addition, like the Bible, the text needs explication and interpretation. How are you going to get that? Is it maybe more a matter of curiosity? To browse through it may not present problems, but be aware of the old saw, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Actually like the Book of Mormon, there is not much to get excited about. You would gain more satisfaction by taking on Tolstoy, Hardy, or some of the other old time authors.


No, not at all. You can read it for a historical and in study of different religions.


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