Is it?


Is it sinful if I give to charity, but don’t do it every chance that’s presented to me?
Is it sinful if after a long day, with work, taking care of kids and chores, that I want to take downtime?
Is it sinful if at work, if there is nothing more to do that I browse the Web?
Is it sinful if I generally am not a people person and more introverted and just want to not interact with people if I do charity work, am polite when needed, but if I go out of my way sometimes to avoid interactions?


Please talk to your pastor.

A) strangers on the Internet cannot answer questions about your life, we don’t know you.

B) we don’t know what is driving you to ask all these questions, but since most of these things are not moral issues at all… it seems scruples might be in play here.

C). Sin, particularly mortal sin, requires three things. What we can tell you is whether or not any of those things is grave matter. The answer to that question is no.

I really encourage you to talk with your pastor about how to discern these things.


John Paul II “In the case of the positive moral precepts, prudence always has the task of verifying that they apply in a specific situation, for example, in view of other duties which may be more important or urgent.” Veritatis Splendor 67

Positive precepts (“you shall”) allow for a judgment of the prudential order as to where, when, and how they will be fulfilled. Negative precepts (“you shall not”) are binding always and in each instance.


Ron Conte provides the key principles. Thus, to your specifics:

  1. No. There is no obligation to give to charity at every opportunity.
  2. “wanting downtime” comes to all of us at times. Often, it’s a good idea. What you do I can’t comment upon.
  3. Not necessarily. You ought not act contrary to your employer’s rules or misuse facilities.
  4. No.

1ke also offered excellent advice.



I can’t really add much to the excellent words of the other posters, but…

If this were so, the desert saints and early monastics would all be in trouble.

Even Jesus went off in a boat to get away from it all (Mark 6:30-36), and went off in the desert by Himself.

John the Baptist wasn’t exactly a people person, either.


The word recreation means re-creation.

Resting so you can work hard again tomorrow is not a sin. Jesus rested by the well in Samaria when he was tired.



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