Is jelqing sinful?

Serious question. Are penile exercises, such as jelqing or stretching sinful? It would seem that the primary intention is not to cause arousal, but to improve ones bodily function.


Can’t tell if serious; going to reply anyway.

Those things don’t work. And they can damage tissues. Common sense should say not to do it, sin or not.

I don’t know if they’re sinful, but they’re certainly silly. :smiley:

God gave you what you have, live with it.


Why do you want to perform such exercises?

Never heard of it. I thought it must be something you do with jelly. Looked it up. In Australia it is completely redundant. Sad. Very sad.

Thanks for the replies.

First, yes, this is a silly sounding but serious question.

Secondly, there hasn’t been medical research done on this so far as I can tell, so it’s really anyone’s guess as to whether such exercises are effective. However, there are several online communities of thousands of members who claim it is effective, which does make one curious.

I would say that most people would want to improve themselves for the same reason most people enjoy being healthy or strong or working out… I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that as long as it’s not a cause of pride or vanity.

But my question is whether or not the action itself is morally permissible. I think I need a better understanding of the principle of double effect and when/where that applies.

Khm… :blush: do these exercises involve arousal and pleasure? :rolleyes:

If yes, it is at least a near occasion of sin.

Intent is one of the fonts of morality.

What is your intent in performing these exercises?

Is it to have a larger reproductive organ so that you can be sexually promiscuous, or a “pick-up artist”, or to indulge in an immoral act such as pre-marital intercourse?

Or (more likely, since you are posting on a Catholic forum), is it because you have real or imagined concerns about the size of your membrum virile, and worry that this will affect your future marital life?

Or is this already an area of concern in the relationship between you and your wife?

If the first, then it is sinful. Period.

If the second or the third, you may want to (a) study the Theology of the Body, and (b) consult a physician if you have genuine medical issues (hormonal, endocrine, etc.). But I would not recommend these unproven exercises, which are of dubious efficacy and could be a near occasion of sin by tempting you into the sin of onanism. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a venial sin, as a solitary act. Thus unmentioned reasons for health could include exercises that control function of glands. Those are primarily isometric exercises, so they’re squeezes not massaging.

Unless one has some rare condition, I’m not aware of any connection between physical health and the size of one’s reproductive equipment. In other words, there is no reason of “health” for which one would do it.


(tries very hard not to post a parody of “The Shane Warne Song”) :smiley:

Kegel exercises are the only ones that are legitimate. Helps with urinary incontinence, improves erections, male climaxes, and may boost a man’s sex drive. Of course, the last three are only legitimate if you have a married partner.

I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this word,.


It’s wrong, even though it is sometimes called “medical.” The means used is the issue. You might also ask if it is licit to induce arousal to keep from needing the toilet… No, it is not.

These exercises almost always result in physical arousal, since manual stimulation is basically how they work. As such, I would say that they are a near occasions of sin, and therefore to be avoided.

As another poster pointed out, Kegal exercise as really the only one in this vein that works, and they’re simple to do. You can even do them while sitting at your desk throughout the day (assuming you have a desk job like me) Jelquing may conceivably improve girth and length (though, I don’t think there’s any hard data to suggest they do, only anecdotal evidence), but if done improperly they can harm the tissue and result in painful erections or other damage. Kegals, on the other hand, are just the exercise of the muscles most directly linked to sexual activities. This is safe to do, and morally acceptable, just be careful not to overdo it. As with all exercises, there’s a limit to how much is healthy.

I too never heard of it, and it is a moot point to me.

But I do have prostate problems and so I have to relieve myself often. That makes life very difficult.

Are there any exercises for the prostate? :confused:

My thought exactly!

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