Is Jesus a pagan myth?

I have a friend who was Christian, who became Jewish, and is now determined to prove that Jesus never existed, that Christianity was contrived and Jesus is just another pagan birth story. He sends me oodles of websites and books to read and even uses scripture at times to try and prove it. I saw on CA website a short answer to this, but this guy is a Rhodes Scholar and very brilliant…like Scott Han but opposite direction. I know God has him coming to me to try and prove all this for a reason but i am no where near a Rhodes Scholar brilliant and to be honest I myself never saw a parallel in mythology and theology so I am stumped. can you recemmend sites or books to lovingly say hey check these out. Right now all I say to him is that i can only tell you about my personal experience with Jesus and then tell him.There seems to be so much anger there but when I suggest that he insists he isn’t. oye.
thanks for any direction.

The following links should assist you in better understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on Catholicism’s true roots. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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