Is Jesus literally the Son of God?

I am taking a test tomorrow in sophomore religion class. My teacher insists that the right answer to “Is Jesus literally the Son of God?” is No. She says “Son of God” is just “some kind of a phrase we use to describe Jesus.”

I have pointed out Matthew 1:18 saying Mary became pregnant through the Holy Spirit. She says, not literally. No sperm. Can you help me clarify this issue with her, or am I off base saying God is truly (literally) the father of Jesus…that is, Mary became pregnant because of the act of His father.

I don’t believe it would help convince this teacher, but would like to cite a reference from the catechism as well about Jesus’ paternity. Articles 441-445 distinguish between the divine sonship of Jesus as revealed to Peter and Paul and the phrase “Son of God” being used as adoptive sonship in previous places in scripture. Is there anything more persuasive?

Tim Farrow

The following links should help you better understand Jesus’ divine Sonship. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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