Is Jesus present in His humanity everywhere?

We know Jesus is present in the people at Mass, and He is present in the readings, in His word,
but is Jesus present in these ways, body, blood, soul and divinity, as in the Eucharist or is He just present in His divinity?

Father John Hardon seems to say that Jesus is present on earth in both His humanity and His divinity only in the Eucharist.
His presence elswhere on earth is just in His divinity.

Is this true?

Dear dc,

If Jesus were present in everything as He is in the Eucharist, there would be no need for the consecration because the bread and wind would already be His Body and Blood. We would be worshipping everything as well.

Jesus is present in all creation in that He is God and sustains everything that He created. But His creation in distinct from Him. We do not worship the bread and wine before it is consecrated because it isn’t Him. When the bread and wine ARE consecrated He is not only present in them (because of His divinity gives them existence), He IS them.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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