Is Joe Mizzi, of "Just for Catholics" the same Joe Mizzi of PBS?

I’ve read some anti-Catholic articles by ex-Catholic Joe Mizzi, who hosts a website called “Just for Catholics” that attempts to refute teachings of the Catholic Church*.

Is this the same guy in this article:

Both of the Joe Mizzis that I read about are from Malta. :hmmm:

*(Catholic apologist John Martignoni provides some well-reasoned refutations of the anti-Catholic arguments proferred by Dr. Mizzi.)

It doesn’t seem to be. According to the anti-Catholic website’s “About Us” page, its Joe Mizzi is a pediatrician who works 60 hours a week doing neonatal intensive care

Judging from photographs, they don’t appear to be the same man, either.

As for the Joseph Mizzi who used to head Malta’s PBS, he resigned his position earlier this year.

Thanks, friend!

Just saw a book by Mr Mizzi for download over at biblesupport. com I left a link for John Martignoni’s refutations but I’m certain they’ll remove it.

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