Is joking about hoping for another American Civil War a mortal sin?

Ok, I think I am being too scrupulous about this but here goes.

A little while ago I was all fired up about obamacare, the HHS mandate, and the current political climate of our country in general and in my head I thought “we should have a civil war, that’ll solve these problems”

Now of course deep down I don’t want a civil war in this country and I know that would most likely not solve anything but here’s the big problem, my examination of conscience states that “Wishing evil upon another person” is a mortal sin. So now my scrupulous mind is telling me that wishing war on this country is like wishing evil on all those that would be affected.

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary about this, cause honestly I don’t wish anyone on this earth to die in a war, was it mortal? and if so how would I ever confess that? I feel like that would be a difficult one to confess and would sound really strange to the priest.

But the other part of me is saying that it wasn’t mortal, so I have no idea right now what to do.

Please talk to a priest if you believe you are suffering from scrupulosity.

People do tend to speak hyperbolically when they get all fired up. I’d be more concerned if you perpetually felt that way and ardently prayed for such a war.

we all, on occassion do things that are in poor taste, classless, and even plain stupid, but that are not necessarily a sin.

It does not seem like a sin to me. It seems that the thought crossed your mind involuntarily. You did not think of a civil war in order to wish evil on other people but to solve our country’s problems. Then you thought about it, decided it might cause more problems than it would solve, and you dropped it. It does not seem like you desired evil. It seems like you desired good and discarded a solution that would not bring about good.

Our country has a lot of issues, and it would seem that drastic measures would be necessary to fix all of them. Considering a solution and deciding that it doesn’t work isn’t a bad thing.

Don’t worry about it.

With regard to the bolded, I suggest that you go back and brush up on your history of the U.S. Civil War of the 1860’s. Comparing slavery and states succeeding from the Union is an apples and oranges comparison to the current climate of the US.

Well, we no longer have slavery, but there are indeed a slew of folks who want their states to secede from the USA.


Not a mortal sin… but educate yourself also about the casualties of war. Here is a place to start:
from wikipedia: United States military casualties of war
The US Civil War was the deadliest US war.

Pray for peace, and do all you can to promote peace at home and abroad.

Just don’t joke about it.

Promise it, it is a duty of every citizen to hold out the possibility, and, if you do it with the proper amount of conviction, you are guaranteed to have to act upon the promise LESS!

You can try to stir your Christianity/Catholicism into that soup, but your enemies will use it against you as a weakness. Better to hold-out that it won’t be a factor, AND, don’t claim martyrdom for Christ just because your willing to assume a bend-over-and-take-it stance with all comers ready to sew your corporality into the ground.

Human history has already decided.

Probably not. Sounds more like a “near occasion of FOX.”

And he is doing that, take a look at what warfare has accomplished throughout history. The Revolutionary war launched the greatest nation in the history of the planet, the war of 1812 cemented the freedom’s fought for in the revolution, World War I and II ended tyranny, Korean war prevented communism enslavement of millions, Iraq war freed millions from Hussein.

War is hell. But it is sometimes better than the alternative.

You weren’t sinning. You were just wrong. It’s not a civil war we need. It would be called a Revolution. Sometimes it’s necessary.

But if you were joking, then it’s a moot point. It’s not a sin.

Yesterday I wished the United States of America a HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) then followed that with a sincere prayer to God to let us have another 4th of July.

I pray for peace but in all honesty, I am preparing for the opposite.

Anti/pro abortion
Pro/anti Traditional family
Christian/atheist(other non-believeres)

there is tremendous tension just within these three mentioned. I wonder how long and to what extent these tensions will continue to grow until, like a boil, it POPS and all heck break loose.

Pray for peace, but hold on tight cause its gonna be a bumpy ride!

in bold, would it be wishing evil on another person or wishing to put an end to evil (HHS mandate and pro-abortion et al.:smiley:

ok, not trying to make light of your concern, but I don’t think it’s a sin since you don’t really want a war to happen and you were joking. I’ve made plenty of bad jokes in my lifetime.

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