Is juggling school and RCIA a bad idea?


Hi everyone :smiley:
So RCIA has started but I am just mentally dead from all my midterms and I just want to sleep. Nursing school is no joke its exam, exam, exam, paper, paper, paper, class, class class, and repeat. I just wrote a midterm today and I am just drained. I want to go too but its like I am brain dead right now and I would fall asleep and not wake up… haha I don’t know if I can juggle RCIA and school for much longer… does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t want to burnout or anything but I do want to do RCIA this year…




Try it.

While I have no experience of nursing school per se, my hunch (from having friends who are nurses) is that the stress level doesn’t go down much if at all once school is over.

God will give you the physical endurance to do His will.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.


I’m giggling. I was reading it as
“should I enroll in Juggling School and RCIA at the same time”?

My bad. But my votes is, go ahead and RCIA if it doesn’t take away from your study TIME.
The opportunity to learn about faith, and how much God loves us is a nice respite from the rigors of our busy days.

All the best!


:frowning: I couldn’t make it today because of a group project sigh


Don’t despair. trust in the Lord. Something will work out for you.
God bless you!


I’ve never done RCIA so I don’t have any experience with it, however, at one point in my life where I had two jobs and a very, very stressful circumstance going on, I agreed to be on the CRHP formation team, which meant once a week. I was really worried about how I would make it work, but I found the support of the other women in the group and taking the time to devote to the Lord actually helped me get through a really horrible time in my life. I would seriously consider keeping up with it.


speak to your RCIA director about your struggles with a heavy nursing school program and trying to do RCIA which for the most part shouldn’t be too demanding. See if the RCIA could be put on hold till the nursing school program lightens up for you. I think that would be the best route to take.


Juggle what you can. Talk to the RCIA priest/instructor and let them know your situation. I missed several sessions but still participated whenever I (realistically) could–I was juggling my master’s program and RCIA, which is different but similar to what you’re doing, so some days I was like, “I want to be there, but I HAVE TO SLEEP.” Good luck.

ps - now I’m Catholic :slight_smile:


:D:D I honestly thought this was going to be a thread on “Clown Masses” :eek::wink:

Have you considered calling the priest himself and perhaps meeting with him in a schedule that you both could do?

P.S. Don’t “drop” juggling school.
P.P.S Clowns really do scare me.


I understand! I went to Nursing school full-time, worked full-time-48 to 56 hours a week, and went to RCIA. Sleep, and free time became very precious. Hang in there! I did it, so can you. It is so worth it. :yup:


In the past I have offered RCIA during the day time when I had people going to school- for some reason schools today run from noon until evening so we did RCIA in the morning once a week; it worked pretty well. Some people had bad attendance anyway, but most of them had excellent attendance so it was worth it.



Hahahaha :rotfl: that made my day
and yes clowns are quite scary…


Thank you :slight_smile: I will try to make it next week


Please remember they make Nursing School hard, stressful for a reason. They believe the anxiety weeds out the people, who really can’t make it as nurses. Actually, it really does work. I speak from experience–my study group of six-at the end, was just two of us. (They=nurse/instructors, Nursing school administrators)

Hang in there! You are in my prayers. :signofcross:


I have been a nurse for 30 years in the ER, and yes, the stress of nursing school is only the beginning. I also went through RCIA. RCIA should not be stressful; it is exactly what you need right now. I know what you are going through, and sometimes, it almost seems impossible. Pray and ask God for help. Talk with your formation director. I too, will pray for you.


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