Is Karl Keating a Saint?


I ask the question because it is quite apparent that God has blessed Mr. Keating’s work. I am sure many of you remember when Catholic Answers was just beginning. How it was then and what God has made it now. The work and the souls saved I bet are more than we think. Not only has Karl (with his employees and of course the Holy Spirit) converted many non-catholics, but has also saved many a catholic from leaving the Church. Before Catholic Answers (and people like Scott Hahn who converted in 1986) it seemed like Catholics were almost being picked off without a chance. Fundamentalist Protestants were having a field day. Obviously we don’t know the state of anyone’s soul, but often we speak of people as living saints, and maybe Mr. Keating, based on his great work should be mentioned. God Bless you Karl keep up the great work for Christ and the Church.:thumbsup:


Is Karl Keating a Saint?

Well, certainly not yet!!
Not unless you know :eek: something that I don’t know…I mean, he is still here among us!!!


True, but I explained what I meant. Obviously he isnt in heaven or formally canonized, but we frequently talk about “living saints.” Examples: Mother Teresea, Padre Pio, Fulton Sheen, Pius X–all were talked about as “living saints” during their lifetimes(two of them Padre Pio, Pius X have been canonized) --I meant the question in that sense.


I would say so.


He’s certainly a great labourer in the Lord’s vineyard. Whether he’s a saint or not is up to a higher power to judge. :getholy:


It seems this question came 100 years too early


Let’s just say that I hope so, but then, I hope to become one myself. :signofcross:

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless Catholic Answers and Mr. Keating, his family, Jimmy Akin, and all his staff and lead them with great grace and wisdom.

May all of us who have been blessed by the ministry of Catholic Answers be granted the graces to share the Lord Jesus Christ with all that we encounter, and to always recognize Our Lord when we meet Him in the least of the brethren as we go through our daily lives.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Thanks for the kind words about our apostolate, but please don’t pose the subject line’s question to my family, my spiritual director, or my co-workers. You’re not likely to like the answer you get.




A prophet without honor among his own? :wink:


In light of Mr. Keating’s apostolic zeal and great spiritual work of mercy, I’m confident that on the Last Day our Lord will pat him on the back and say: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”



I agree… and this is what we all should strive for.




Thanks for commenting on the post Karl, you and your intentions will be remembered tommorrow(sunday july 27th) at 7:00am eastern time at Holy Mass!!!


Yes—he is the patron saint of apologetics. :thumbsup:


I think this is a very “cool” post. In light of this year’s presidential election I just thought of something. Obviously i admire Karl very much, but I also admire Bob Sungenis as well. I think both are great Catholic :thumbsup: apologists. Could you imagine a Keating/ Sungenis ticket???

WHAT DO YOU SAY???:thumbsup:



What about St. Irenaeus, or…St. Justin Martyr? :smiley: (not bashing on Karl, I think he’s the man too!)


Is Karl Keating a Saint?

At the very least he’s a blessed. LOL


We’re hoping martydom will be unecessary in St Karl’s case. :wink:


All who are baptised and living in God’s grace are saints - read St. Paul. :slight_smile:

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