Is Kathryn James Hermes a good Catholic author?

Hey everyone. I am thinking about buying a couple books on depression written by Kathryn James Hermes but I don’t know much about her. She is a member of the Daughters of Saint Paul. Can anyone tell me about her or her books on depression such as these two:

Thanks in advance!

I have never heard of the author.
Would your public library have the books so you didn’t have to buy them if you didn’t like them?

I’ve not heard of her either, but I haven’t really encountered any problems with any of the Pauline sisters’ writings. So my best guess is that there wouldn’t be any huge theological red flags.

I haven’t heard of her either, but if you are on Facebook theres a group called Catholic bookworms which is quite a good place to ask about Catholic authors as there are a lot of well read people on there. Otherwise, the publisher is well known and that’s a good thing. Good luck.

Thanks everyone! I’ll check out the Catholic Bookworms group on Facebook and see if they know anything. As for the library, I have a fine that I’m unable to pay off at this time and they won’t let me use their services until I pay it off.

I can highly recommend this book:

This is another good reference (I do not see your book on here)

As this author is a Religious, simply contact the Diocese and ask them.

Thank you!

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