Is kissing a sin?

Is kissing a sin? I’ve gotten over thirty different answers. For example, my youth minister is holding the position so long as the kissing (quick kisses or making out) goes no further than that, and it is meant to show affection to the other, it is not sinful (even if pleasure is derived because God made us to feel pleasure while showing affection in this way). She makes the statement that the Church cautions against it (kissing/making out) because of what it can lead to. (Simply put, be responsible and don’t make out in a dark living room). Then, I’ve found articles on EWTN that state all kissing is mortally sinful, and that you have to end it all. Which of these is correct?

FYI: My parish priest and my confessor have the same opinion as my youth minister on the subject.

You haven’t offered any evidence that you have received “over thirty different answers.” You have presented one opinion from a youth minister that your parish priest and confessor agree with, and you have said you’ve seen articles elsewhere that basically agree with that answer but put the case more strongly.

As to the general principle under consideration, no, kissing is not a sin in and of itself. It may be imprudent for some people (such as teenagers) in some situations (alone in a dark room), but there is nothing wrong with the principle of showing chaste physical affection for someone you are attracted to.

As to your particular problem, I strongly urge you to stop shopping around for new answers to this question. If you have indeed received over thirty different answers to your question, all that shows is that you need to stop asking the question and start accepting the answer you’re given. Three people with spiritual authority in your life (your youth minister, parish priest, and confessor) have all weighed in and agree with each other. Your duty now is to listen to them.

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