Is Krampus the Christmas demon becoming too commercial?


Happy Nikolaustag!

Chains, devil horns, and pitchforks are not things most people associate with the holidays.

But for many in the Alpine region of Europe, that’s precisely where Krampus – a half goat, half demon creature, carrying rusty chains and sticks – belongs: in the Christmas season.

Yet some say that the centuries-old European folktale is turning commercial, as Krampus-themed chocolates, decorations, and greeting cards are readily available.


Lord have mercy!


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Happy Nikolaustag!


Apparently, this is an old tradition wherein Krampus, i.e., St. Nicholas's "sidekick", is supposed to scare the "naughty" children by giving them twigs (rather than coal).

Think of him as the anti-Santa. Krampus – as he is called in his native Austria, though he goes by other names throughout Europe – is St. Nicholas’s helper and his task is to scare small children into being good. On Dec. 6 – the saint's feast day, or St. Nicholas Day – the pair will dole out chocolates and fruit to good children across Europe, while misbehaving children can expect a punishment instead, usually a bundle of twigs


When I was little I would always get both sweets from St. Nicholas and twigs from Krampus :D


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