Is Kung's book reliable?

I am a Lutheran who has just started RCIA at our local Catholic Church. I read Hans Kung’s The Catholic Church: A Short History. Is this book a reliable source of Church history? (He writes that there is no historical proof of an unbroken chain from the apostles to the present-day bishops , and that 4th/5th century Popes made claims that "had no biblical or theological foundation but over the centuries they entered church law as accepted facts.) He also denies a primacy of the Roman bishop for several hundred years before Papal power came to be as it is today. This information seems to be in conflict with other Catholic writers I’ve read. Who is telling the truth?Thank you.

Dear Ann,

If you are looking for a reliable, orthodox Catholic theologian, forget about Hans Kung. Forget about his agenda-laden Church history as well. Stick with the other Catholic writers you have been reading.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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