Is Kutless Catholic?

I wasn’t sure if the Christian band, Kutless, was Catholic. I was just listening to their song “Sea of a Million Faces” and some of the lyrics went “…Your body’s the bread, your blood is the wine, cuz you traded your life for mine…”. That just sounded very Catholic to me, but I never really thought they were Catholic. Does anyone know?


I don’t think they are. I saw the video for the song and they used a big loaf of bread and not unlevened bread. I really don’t care because there music is great. Try listening to Skillet if you have a chance.

Yeah, I just went to one of Kutless’s concerts and they were AMAZING so now I’m a huge fan. I guess I don’t really care that they’re not Catholic either. Their songs are amazing, and Sea of Faces sounds Catholic anyway. Go Kutless!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, maybe they were reenacting the actual Last Supper where Christ did use loaf of bread (am I correct)? And as for the lyrics saying he is bread and wine, they could just be quoting from the bible. All Christians know he said those words during the Last Supper, so what makes someone, saying those words, automatically be considered Catholic?

I dunno if that makes sense. :slight_smile:

The feast of Passover uses unleavened bread so Latin Rite Catholics as well as Maraonites and Armenians are closer to reenacting that rite of the Last Supper. But Eastern Rite Byzantine Catholics use leavened bread and its true the symbolism of Christ rising from the dead. So each has its symbolic reasons for doing things the way they do and both are valid via their respective traditions. So hey maybe these guys are Eastern Rite Catholics or Orthodox Christians of course the other answer would be they are protestants who can do anything they want as they make up thier own traditions. Oh well at least they quoted the Bible right. Actually a lot of lower church protestants don’t use the words of the last supper and even when they do they rarely celebrate the Lord’s supper sometimes once or twice a year and since those types dominate the Christian music scene there was legitamate room for speculation. But Since most Catholics in the United States are Latin and most Christian music stars are evangelical I bet my money they are evangelical if I had any money to bet.

Typically, many protestants interpret Jesus’ sayings regarding his body and blood as a symbol of his death on the cross and not necessarily that the bread and wine are his literal body and blood. So the lyrics of the song fit protestant interpretation pretty well.

I love the group, even if they are non-Catholic, as well as Skillet, Run Kid Run, Nevertheless, and Sanctus Real; Great stuff.

I think you mean it fits their misinterpretation as well. As they deny the basic literal sense of the passage. Thus a misinterpretation.

I doubt they’re Catholic. I thought the same thing for a minute when I first heard that song. Even though they don’t believe in the Real Presence, I still like their tunes. Another “communion” song by an evangelical band is Downhere- Remember Me (Cdn band :slight_smile: )

If you want a Catholic band (also Cdn! :smiley: ) - check out Critical Mass!

I think the bread that Jesus may have used was flat. But you may be right and I may be wrong.

The song Sea Of Faces by Kutless could easily pass for a Catholic song.

(BTW, I love Downhere) I wish we had more Catholic bands in the industry. I keep hoping that there are some secretly Catholic bands out there.

The song “Sing” by Sanctus Real sounds like it could work as a Catholic song.

sighs I wish they had more Catholics in the industry. There have got to be some out there making an impact. Maybe there are bands that are mixed.

i see this was posted a few years ago. i’m sure you do know, but matt maher has become a mainstream artist! (i mean that in a good way) Catholics ARE making an impact! :smiley: it’s funny, many of my protestant friends were surprised to hear that “Your Grace is Enough” was written and performed originally by a Catholic artist… it cracks me up to see their reactions!

Perhaps the key word is originally and they see it as a Chris Tomlin instead of a Matt Maher song?

Hi All,

While I love all the music listed in this thread, if you want to listen to an awesome practicing Catholic rock n roll artist, listen to Matt Maher.

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