Is "Latin for Dummies" a good book?

Hey everyone, I really wasn’t sure where to post this so I thought I would try posting it here.

I’m considering ordering the book “Latin for Dummies” to learn latin. I’ve taught myself languages before but I’d like a good resource for Latin. I was pretty happy with “Catholocism for Dummies” so I thought Latin for Dummies would be good, but the reviews on Amazon vwere kind of all over the place, the positive reviews seemed more impressed by the historical notes than the actual Latin learning.

Have any of you read it or have an opinion about it?

I have no experience of the book, so cannot give an informed opinion, but color me dubious on principle. (I do have The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning Latin, which was either a gift or bought off the cheap shelf as a curiosity, and which I have used primarily as a coaster or to prop up a short table leg. There are amusements within it, but I cannot judge how useful it would be to the novice. Anyway: )

The best book I have found for the novice/self-student is Peter Jones’s [post=2538492]Learn Latin[/post]. :thumbsup:

Of course, if you have a successful record of having taught yourself other languages, any of my advice may not apply. Except this: See if you cannot find one or more such books at the local library and test drive them before committing?


For a good, thorough, but very understandable Latin grammar, I loved Wheelock’s Latin.

i also would like to know if Latin for dummies is a good start to learning latin again. I do not mind reading the dum:):blush::blush::blush:mies books… lol they help me!

I have Wheelocks (excellent, a classic) and Idiot’s (not bad at all), but if you’re specifically interested in the Latin that the Church uses, get A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin–excellent! (I don’t have Dummies, but I suspect it wouldn’t be bad either.)


I liked “Spanish for Dummies”, but haven’t tried the Latin one. Rosetta Stone has a Latin version, if you want to spend the bucks.

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