Is 'Law and Order' the only serious thing still on t.v.?

Strange thing is how annoyed I get when I turn on the t.v. The C.S.I. trilogy is all about sex, and gore. All the sitcoms are about how cleverly you can insult someone. But if you want a serious crime drama, and the only serious thing still on t.v., it must be the ‘Law and Order’ trilogy on NBC. Can anyone think of anything else that is serious on t.v. except the news sometimes.?

Define “serious”.

Law & Order is *often *anti-Catholic/ anti-Christian and promotes the gay and abortion agenda with regularity. SVU and Criminal Intent both produce very graphic, twisted, and sexual plots. L&O-original also has some twisted plots in many cases. (And, I am a L&O fan, but I’m realistic about the shows’ shortcomings).

Shark, new on CBS last fall, is excellent TV crime drama. James Woods is super. It’s got some superior writing and wit. The NCIS tv show is also good, it’s not too gory or sexed up. It’s got some good characters/actors. And, the show Numbers is kind of fun in a geeky way (math nerd that I am).

Also, The Closer (on TNT, not network tv) is excellent-- Kiera Sedwick is awesome as is the supporting cast. It is not too graphic, and the crimes change each week so you never know as far as sexual topics or graphic nature of the crime.

Although I don’t watch it, Monk on USA gets excellent reviews.

Original programming on the Sci-Fi channel is also very good (I’m a huge sci-fi fan) but not crime drama (well, Painkiller Jane sort of is).

It sounds like I watch tv all the time, which I really don’t. But, when I do watch, these are some of the shows I think are good. Mostly I watch HGTV shows these days-- no gore, no sex, just decorating! :smiley:

The Unit is awesome.

I’ve watched every episode, many twice.

The show is extremely pro-American and pro-military (not pro-war, just pro-military.) It is pro-religion; religious faith is cited positively in many of the episodes. It is anti-sin; the adultery plot has ended in misery for the people involved. It is pro-man; the men on the show are heroes, something that we don’t see very often on television where men are made to look like stupid, over-sexed goofs. It is pro-children; the children are very much part of the plots in The Unit. And it is pro-family; family is everything to the men in the Unit.

The writing is excellent (Shawn Ryan and David Mamet). The Unit is based on the book Delta Force by Eric Haney, and Mr. Haney is the advisor for this show. (Delta Force is an elite anti-terrorism group that answers only to the President. It was formed back in the 1970s, I believe.)

I’m part of several online groups about The Unit. Apparently many of our troops watch this show (those who can). One lady mentioned that everyone in her unit gathers on Tuesday night to watch this show. They claim that for the most part, the show is accurate.

On the website, there was a video of one of the stars of the show, Robert Patrick, talking about why he wanted to do this show. Apparently his grandfather was a lieutenant-colonel just like his character on the show, and Mr. Patrick wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather. During this portion of the interview, he teared up and had to stop talking because of his emotion. I know you can say it’s all ham-acting, but I don’t think so. Dennis Haysbert, the star of the show, talked on a late-night show about the show and said that each episode is so emotional that he has to take a two-hour walk after filming to calm down.

Try it.

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