Is leaving out part of a story or conversation like lying?


so I often have very pushy people, wanting me to tell them everything. i’ll give a couple examples

friends are dating and having issues, they both confide in me about certain things, and each one always wants to know what th other has said. of course, it’s not my place to pass on information between them, so I usually leave out things the other has said.

another thing, my mom, is she doesn’t like someone, she can be very unforgiving and wants me to stop being friends with whoever offended her, even if she’s overreacting or the issue isn’t a big deal at all. and I’m constantly getting harassed if I’m contacting those people or if they’re trying to talk to me and sometimes they are but I don’t want to tell her because that will be prob lematic for me, so I usually just try to change the subject or just don’t mention certain things, like if a friend called me or texted, whatever.

I don’t outright lie but I still feel bad for some reason. I know they don’t really need to know all this information in the first place though.

am I overthinking or is keeping information to myself wrong?


My catechist told me a story of St. Don Bosco, who used tricks to avoid direct lying, even if something crucial was in danger. Like, the furious father from one of the children asked him where his son was (the son hiding in St. Bosco’s premises). St. Bosco would look into an empty spot and respond: “He is not here”, - meaning that empty spot. :D:thumbsup:

So, we are not required to tell everything to everyone. If needed, we may withhold some info, while avoiding straight lies.


Dealing with your mother is a difficult situation.

But dealing with your friends is not. If you don’t want to be caught in the middle, tell them both to stop discussing each other with you.

In general, no, it is not sinful to keep information to yourself that is not owed to the other person. Remeber that Jesus remained silent at questionning during his passion.


Great answer.
No one is entitled to personal info about anyone else.
Your life is your own.
Don’t talk about others and you won’t have any issues.


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