Is legalized abortion and contraception thinning the number of people with liberal values?

Do the majority of children carry forward, through the generations, the values of their parents? If so, does this mean that the reduction in the number of children produced by people with far left principles like abortion or moderate principles like contraception reduce their political and cultural influence on future generations?

Probably not. They didn’t get to where they are by outbreeding us but by brainwashing our children and subverting our institutions.

Even most mainstream conservatives use contraception. Those who don’t are a very small minority of the Catholic church. Even Mormons and Evangelicals are fine with it.

And take a look at abortion rates. Those are sought by people of all religious and political affiliations because so many times people say that they don’t believe in abortion…that is until they are pregnant.

Probably not. Our schools, media, and public institutions are quite adept at implanting their predominant values in young people’s minds. (Values which I wouldn’t characterize as “liberal” so much as secular and anti-religion.)

I don’t mean to ask if a certain political group or religious group is being thinned out. What I mean is when a person gets an abortion, any person of any group, they are practicing (for real) their actual values and the person who they would have taught their values to is, in fact, eliminated. If that is happening on a mass scale then does that mean that those that do not value their offspring so much are actually decreasing their long term influence in the world?

I know that these are values that are being promoted to everyone from many sources such as teachers, governments, and scientists, etc. They are spreading the idea that the destruction of your offspring is fine. But those who accept that destructive teaching do in fact eliminate or decrease their own genetic line. Meanwhile those who reject it are more likely to raise their offspring, with their own value set.

I wonder if there are any demographics which can show if this will in fact prove to be self destructive over the long term to those who accept and practice this kind of activity.

It doesn’t matter what a person labels themselves or what position a person claims to hold on the issue of abortion. All that matters is whether you actually do eliminate your own offspring.

Are you sure? Cause the title says “Is legalized abortion and contraception thinning the number of people with liberal values?” so…

As I said above, people with “liberal values” never gained influence because of breeding in the first place. They gained influence because of their subversive social machinations and their ability to steal other people’s children and brainwash them with their consent and financial support. So there’s no reason to suspect that liberals’ deliberate large-scale murder of their own young would somehow result in a substantial decrease in the total or proportional number of liberals.

OK, so if the ideas are being spread from sources other than parents, what makes you think the decline of parenting among liberals would result in a decrease in the number of liberals?

Just remember that contraceptive culture isn’t the only rotten fruit of liberalism. We also have it to thank for all those who go on having as many babies as possible and divorcing as many husbands as possible to rake in all the child support and other government handouts they can get.

Also a lot of the people who call themselves conservative are still pro-contraception, even the so-called Catholics. Even the vast majority I daresay.

Mine are the exact opposite of my father’s. This was very common in my generation.

Indeed, this tendency of the young to reject the values of their parents gives me reason to hope! Of course, I also hope that if their parents have good values, they will not reject them!

No: they reproduce through “higher education.”

You appear to have a great interest in abortion and birth control, but evolution and mother nature do not. Explain, please.

Yes! George Orwell wrote about that…

Both situations exist due to a culture that promotes love thyself only - how you feel and how much physical pleasure you can gather before you die is all that matters.

I think an under-broadcast statistic is the number of Women and Men who regret their decisions in these matters.

Any thinning is not necessarily due to the reduction / rejection of life, rather a change of heart after a horrible experience.

Any thinning is more than offset by the temptation of free pizza and T-shirts by those in college that don’t have the experience to know the regret, yet.

There is a trend that large cities, which are populated by more democrats than republicans typically have very high abortion rates. 40% of pregenancies are aborted in NYC. That appears to translate to decline in the liberal or democrat population

The Future Will Be More Religious and Conservative Than You Think

Meanwhile, Europeans and Americans who report “no religion” are leading the shift to below-replacement fertility. In most of Europe, the nonreligious average around one child per woman. In the United States, they manage 1.5, considerably lower than the national 2.1. This disadvantage is not enough to prevent religious decline in much of Europe and America today, but secularism must run to stand still. Since the history of religious decline in Europe suggests that secularization rates tend to drop over time, this portends the end of secularization. Projections I recently published with Skirbekk and Goujon in the journal Sociology of Religion show secularism losing momentum and beginning to decline in both Europe and America by 2050, largely because of low fertility and religious immigration.

The same is true in the United States. “Nones” may be the third-largest religious group in the United States, and ex-Catholics the fourth-largest, but the switching story needs a demographic context. If America remained 70 percent white, the population would reach European levels of secularization in two generations and Catholics would rapidly lose market share to Protestants. Instead, swift Hispanic and Asian population growth is projected to stabilize the share of nonreligious Americans at roughly today’s levels. Catholics, far from declining, may outnumber Protestants among the nation’s youth as early as the 2040s.

Yes finally my prayers have been answered!! No more liberals!!!:extrahappy: Slowly but surely we are taking back Uh’Murica from those free thinking liberals. I dont know why people choose to be liberal after all Jesus was a registered republican.

St. Ronald Reagan…Pray for us!

The reason that abortion is not thinning the ranks of liberals is that it is not them who get most of the abortions.
Abortion is just one of the signs of a secular society. It allows people to have indiscriminate sex without the penalty of being disclosed as being dissolute. In addition, studies have indicated that most abortions are obtained by people in the racial minorities.
I find it interesting that some of the leading proponants of abortion are Afro-American politicians…If there had been no Roe vs. Wade, Afro Americans would be in the political majority in the U.S. today! Talk about irony!!!

The world is getting more secular and left leaning on issues of abortion, contraception, and homosexuality. If you do not see this you are delusional.

I do not take joy in any abortion, I wish all babies could have the opportunity to live whether they come from republican or liberal parents

One must, of course, realize that the pernicious doctrines of ‘Liberal Values’ (I.E. Contraception, Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Anti - Religous Freedom, Socialism) has penetrated and permeated our Public Educational System. {This is just one of the reasons I defund Public Education every oppurtunity I get}

It seems to me, IMHO, that Evil, Like Hitler, during the final days of WWII, refusing to surrender and sending every available able bodied German person to to fight in the front lines, wishes to take as many souls down with him as possible.

To say it differently, ‘Liberal Values’ are anathema to Catholic Values and as such encourage (Chastity in accfordance with one’s state in life is considered to be an undeucated and ignorant approach and the Liberal mind set advocates humans should be rightfully entitled to give in to our cravings no matter what the potential ramifications may be) indiscriminate sexual activiy. This results in more babies being born. The next step in the process of the destruction of humans, is to teach (Educate :rolleyes:) the unsuspecting that it is really mighty fine and one’s right to kill one’s own (preborn)children via Planned Parenthood.

I stongly suspect one of our next Liberal Presidents will advocate having even more babies to abort which in turn will stimulate the economy and reduce the National Debt.:cool:

BlueEyedLady wrote:

** Even most mainstream conservatives use contraception.Those who don’t are a very small minority of the Catholic church.** Even Mormons and Evangelicals are fine with it.

And take a look at abortion rates. Those are sought by people of all religious and political affiliations because so many times people say that they don’t believe in abortion…that is until they are pregnant.

**Bolding Mine: **

Indeed. Narrow is the road to heaven.:cool:

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