Is life and/or consciousness a fractal pattern?


I’m very happy, thank you for the kind wishes. Not because I’ve “won”. :slightly_smiling_face: Still, I have no idea what my happiness, how open-minded you think I am or how unthinking you think Catholics are have to do with this discussion.


@lisaandlena I realize my tone in this thread in several places was uncharitable and lacked humility and probably altered the progression of the discussion. It was unnecessary and I apologize. While there may have been a misunderstanding of each other’s points, I recognize it was not just one way. I too misconstrued most of your intended meaning when you suggested “everything” being modelled. I again apologize.


I haven’t received any wrath from anyone (and I did not report you if that’s what you think). I’m sorry you were suspended because of our debate and whatever small part I may have had in driving you to the point of saying the things that got you the suspension, which I suspect is the comments on Catholicism.

In any case, the apology is offered sincerely, and the goal is to honour charity and humility, (i.e the Holy Spirit), not CAF moderators.

Best of luck.


Well than apology accepted. I didn’t suspect that you reported me. (Well, I actually did but I checked your profile. Hmmmm, this is a case where those badges are actually good for something. I really don’t like the badges though. We don’t need no stinking badges.)

Don’t worry about me getting suspended, it’s not important, I’m used to it. If I rub somebody the wrong way, then by all means suspend me. Life can deal out a lot worse things than being suspended on CAF. And it’s no doubt going to happen again.

But no matter what, we have accomplished one thing, we’ve stopped to think, not just about the subject of this thread, but about how we act, and about how others act, and hopefully we’ve learned from that. If so, then we’ve both come out winners. We aren’t born knowing these things, we have to learn them. And this is what learning looks like.

So consider your apology accepted, although none was necessary. And accept my apologies as well, although I suspect that you may not think that any was necessary either.


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