Is listening to all rock music a sin

Hey. I listen to alot of music from bands such as Sum 41, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and Green Day etc. Is it a sin for me to listen to this music? I try to not listen to songs, rock or not, that say God’s name in vain or that may be negative towards God and our Lord. Thanks.

no music is inherently evil. But ask yourself if listening to a certain type of music (perhaps with offensive lyrics) either makes you think about certain things that you should not or desensitizes you to certain words or phrases.


Well I have never heard of any of those bands so i cant say. i personally think listening to Barry Mantilow is a sin…

I sure hope not because I listen to the same bands.:eek: But seriously I have listened to a lot of that music and would say just be aware of what the lyrics are saying. I know of some Blink-182 songs that I won’t listen too because of their lyrics.

On a side note since you listen to a lot of punk and pop-punk do you dig the Dropkick Murphys? Most of their lyrics are pretty uplifting songs about life and family, etc.

I sometimes listen to music like that, but often times, I seem to ask myself, would I listen to this song if Jesus was in the car with me? :shrug:

I hope not. I love the new Linkin Park song “What I’ve done”. When I first heard it I called my nephew to ask if they became Christians.

:rotfl: Just whatever you tell me, DO NOT say listening to Chicago(the group) is a sin.


I love Chicago-the Band-not the baseball team.

I like alot of rock bands. Rush, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, et al. Don’t find any of them sinful. It’s just music.

I got into punk rock in high school through bands like Sum 41 and Good Charlotte (not to nit-pick, but this is not technically punk rock) because I liked the beat and idea of rebellion, but found these bands lacking the proper attitude. Then I got into actual punk (Casualties, Unseen, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Dischord, Crass, Aus-Rotten, DRI, DOA, Stiff Little Fingers, ect). I was into the hardcore punk and street punk stuff. Most of the lyrics were angry and hateful and nihilistic. It wasn’t long before I became and atheist after that, and got into even more harder and tougher punk rock.

Time worked its wonders, and by the grace of God, I somehow found my way back to the Church. I knew something had to give, and I got rid of all the punk rock things I owned, save for the Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys, for the good of my soul at the time. Now that I am a little older, a little wiser, and more mature in my faith, I can go back to certain songs by those bands, which were not inherently negative, and enjoy them for what they are. I can have Black Flag’s Rise Above with out Damaged. I can listen to Dead Kennedy’s Moon Over Marin without the garbage that is Religious Vomit.

You just need to be careful what you put into your brain, kid. Yes, the beats are good, the yelling choruses and moshable breakdowns help release stress, but if the lyrics are spiritually harmful, it is best to avoid them. I never ever used the Lord’s name in vain until one day I sang along to a punk song which did. Music is powerful, so one must be careful what one listens to.

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I do consider listening to blink-182 a sin, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

I found this on the Omega rock website (

There are four main areas you should look at when deciding what kind of music is healthy and will bring you closer to Christ.

The Lyrics: What are the words really saying? Are the lyrics bringing you closer to Christ, or immersing you in the secular world?

The Image: What is being portrayed on the cover of the cd? Is it modest? Does it portray the artist, or is it about sex and violence?

The Rhythms: Does the rhythm make you feel disordered?

The Artist: What example is the artist setting with his/her life? Are they living a Christian life?

You should defiantly think about all theses things.

While many have opinions on rock music (for years), it all comes down to you.

You can take 1000 people and give them all the same music to listen to. Some will react differently while others will not. And not just react yet have feelings that go against what you believe should be correct.

It is more about the changes that may happen within you that would go against what you know to go against God’s will and the teachings, than some external influence.

I think more people wish to try to warn or limit against temptation, than a direct one to one relationship between the influence and possible outcome.

In the end, it comes down to the personal decisions you choose to make… just like everything else.

i listen to simple plan and black eye peas in addition to some of the bands you listed. some simple plan lyrics are terrible, but i listen for the music and don’t think too much about the lyrics and BEP’s mtvs do have some visuals which i do not think is suitable for a younger audience, but i’d like to think of myself as mature enough to just listen/watch and treat it as music and not think too much about it being a sin!

by listening to these music (not excessively of cos), i have don’t no one harm, i haven’t done any thing against my conscience and would be able to listen/watch these bands with my parents around and even if JC were there right by me, so i don’t think it’s a sin :slight_smile:


I’d say no, because to me there is so much variety out there-- it depends on what the song is about, and how seriously you want to take it. I don’t know what to do about instrumentals… :cool: Sorry. If you think a particular song is really talking about things you don’t believe in, then I would leave it out.

Thanks for all the help. God bless.

Music in it self, any kind of music be it rock, country, ect, is not sinful (though rap is sinful in my opinion, but not for the reason your talking about). Singing and music is all through the bible. I believe that the ability to create music, wheth through singing or playing an instrunment, is a gift from God that should not be ignored. But some people take that gift and twist it. You just have to really look through the lyrics.
There are some bands that i listen to that people might find offensive. They would be quick to judge that their lyrics are evil. But, I looked into the deeper meaning of the lyrics and found that these songs have a hidden and good message. You can’t judge all songs right away.
I’ll also be a fair and say that if your not strong in your faith give up any music that is leading you away from God until you are strong in your faith.
I’m not affected my rock music. It doesn’t inspire me to go out and sin. To me it’s just music. And some bands have actually helped me through tough times.
I went through some awful times early last year. All I was doing was listening to religious music and only reading religious books. I was also a cutter at the time. My mom finaly convinced me to slow down on the rligious books and music. I still went to mass offten, and prayed the rosary, but I also listened to and read secular stuff. The cutting stopped.
I think over doing religious music and such can also have a bad affect.

Greetings all…

I was going through my cd’s and came accross the following song that I thought summed up this thread to a t.

Hey, estesbob, you are too funny! Barry Mantilow (sic.–really “Manilow”) was one of my favorites in the 70’s! But in response to the question, let’s not forget the wonderful, authentically Christian bands out there. I’m crazy about Stephen Curtis Chapman, he’s contemporary and his lyrics are just so godly! Ditto for Michael Card. I enjoy supporting musicians who are trying to follow the Lord, and helping the rest of us to do the same.

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