Is listening to all rock music a sin

The devil has all the best tunes???
Who inspired that quote???
Come on,-- dont you know he always lies?
The devils got nothing–

I hope it’s not a sin to listen to rock. Cause I LOVE IT!

Well from what I know, those bands you mentioned above are alright to listen to.

Rock music isn’t bad, sure there is some that is such as black metal, and other types. Just listen to the lyrics, or read it or whatever, and make a decision, if you aren’t sure, post the lyrics here and I’m sure people will be glad to give you their opinion on it.

People love giving opinions here :smiley:

You have to play them backwards to hear them corerctly. With the near demise of turntables it is nearly impossible to listen to the devils music correctly. i understand he is trying to cut a deal with APPLE to develop a IPOD that will allow people to play their tunes backwards but no agreement has been reached yet.

I’m afraid kids today don’t understand that you had to play the record backward to hear the devil messages lol. I said that once to my daughter and she looked at me like I had two heads. She said “you have to do what? to hear what?”

never mind.


Oh and DKM fan here too. Yeah the old lady still likes to rock out. lol

Actually not all the “hidden messages” in rock and roll music are satanic. I defy anyone to find a Satanic meaning in this message, which is found in the B-52s song "Detour Through Your Mind (on their Bouncing Off the Satellites CD):
“I buried my parakeet in the backyard. Oh-no, you’re playing the record backwards. Watch out, you might ruin your needle.”

Yes, that is the message, according to Wikipedia.

“Parakeet” is an OBVIOUS reference to the “Paraclete” This song is calling for the BURYING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!

gniddik tsuj ma I

In the Devil’s defense, he does have Ozzy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. :frowning:

:thumbsup: Rock on!

And totally off topic, but I went to their AZ concert this month and, no offense to anybody, but I was totally surprised by the number of older people (by older I mean 40’s and up) that were there to rock out.:thumbsup:

From a taste perspective, as concerns those bands: yes, it is in fact a mortal sin.



Seriously, though, no, of course it’s not a sin. Heck, you’re probably being scrupulous with watching the lyrics.

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